JUST IN: Fox News Viewers IRATE After Hosts Attack Trump Cabinet LIVE On Air (VIDEO)


During an October campaign speech in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Donald Trump told his supporters that it is “time to drain the swamp,” a reference to the pervasiveness of lobbyists and corruption in politics. Since becoming president-elect just over two weeks ago, however, Trump has shown that “draining the swamp” is more difficult than he likely imagined.

The hosts of Fox News’s Outnumbered discussed the progression of Trump’s swamp draining on today’s episode of the show, specifically focusing on whether or not Rudy Giuliani will have a place in Trump’s administration. Giuliani has been rumored to be a favorite for Trump’s secretary of state; however, other names have been floated around recently, including former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Host Katherine Timpf argued that Romney would be a better fit for the position since, compared to Giuliani, he would “better balance out Trump.”

Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky was a bit more harsh in her critique of the former New York mayor. In response to Lisa Kennedy Montgomery’s question about why, despite his intense loyalty, Rudy Giuliani has not yet been named secretary of state, Roginsky shot back, “Maybe because he’s totally unqualified to be secretary of state?”

Roginsky went on to explain exactly why she feels Giuliani is unqualified.

“What Giuliani said is, ‘I’m qualified because I’ve traveled around a lot, as much as Hillary Clinton.’ Yeah, doing business with foreign governments and doing business with companies,” Roginsky said, before she was interrupted by co-host Dagen McDowell.

McDowell pointed out that “Ten percent of his business was with foreign governments.”

To this, Roginsky replied, “That’s fine.” She then added, “It’s still more than it should be. And actually we don’t know that because he actually hasn’t released his tax returns, much like everybody else hasn’t released them either, including our president-elect.”

McDowell and Roginsky argued briefly about whether or not Giuliani has used his position to leverage favors before Roginsky explained specifically the problem that she has with Giuliani holding a position in Trump’s cabinet.

‘You want to drain the swamp? Start with Rudy Giuliani, I’m not the one running around saying, “drain the swamp, drain the swamp.” I’m not the one appointing super PAC billionaires to high-profile positions, that’s not me. That’s the person that wanted to drain the swamp.’

Later on in the segment, Roginsky criticized Giuliani and Donald Trump’s newly appointed national security adviser Michael Flynn for their connections to Russia. Giuliani has never worked directly with the Russian government; however, as Roginsky pointed out, he has worked with individuals who are very close to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. Roginsky suggested that the selection of Romney over someone like Giuliani would send an “interesting message” to Putin about the standing of the relationship between his country and the United States. She explained:

‘For Donald Trump, who I think has been pacifying Putin tremendously over the course of the last year, year-and-a-half, to appoint somebody like Romney would send a very interesting message.’

Watch the segment from Outnumbered below, via YouTube.


Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images.