Alec Baldwin Tweets BEAUTIFUL Response To Trump’s Recount Hissy Fit (TWEETS)


Alec Baldwin, the award-winning actor who parodied Trump throughout the election season on Saturday Night Live, has taken on Trump’s bombastic and tantrum-like tweets before. For instance, Baldwin reminded Trump that his time for whining about SNL’s unflattering skits and demanding “equal time” with other candidates ended once he won the election.

As Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein continues to raise money for a recount in three states – Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan – Trump has had more than his fair share of Twitter meltdowns as a result.

Trump went on a long and misguided rant with tweet after tweet, reminding his followers that Clinton scolded him for insisting the election would be rigged before votes were ever cast. Eventually, Alec Baldwin responded once again to Trump’s meltdowns with some cold, hard facts for the new president-elect and nailed it, as usual.

When one Twitter user attempted to call Baldwin’s argument “divisive,” the actor had a few choice words for her, as well.

Good on you, Mr. Baldwin.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube