Jill Stein POPS OFF Online Over Election Recount, Makes Trump Look Like MAJOR Idiot (TWEETS)


Jill Stein’s efforts to spearhead a recount of the vote in several key states has earned her a lot of good will from those who are opposed to Donald Trump. Unfortunately, she seems to be squandering it by attacking Hillary Clinton. We understand that Stein isn’t a fan of Clinton or the Democratic Party, but her recount is undoubtedly supported by numerous Democrats, so her attacks on Clinton are a bit ill-timed.

‘Has anyone wondered why no other campaign has requested a recount with so many questionable results?

‘Why would Hillary Clinton—who conceded the election to Donald Trump—want ? You cannot be on-again, off-again about democracy.’

‘Why would Hillary Clinton — who holds “public” and “private” positions — want to engage in something as transparent as ?’

‘Clinton + Trump: Want democracy? Enact proportional representation voting systems for legislative offices — from the local to federal levels.’

‘Clinton + Trump: Want democracy? Help enact Ranked Choice Voting for single-seat offices like president and other chief executive positions.’

‘Clinton + Trump: Want democracy? Provide full public financing of federal, state and local elections to even the playing field.’

‘Clinton + Trump: Want democracy? Provide free-and-equal radio + television time on public airwaves for all ballot-qualified candidates.’

‘Clinton + Trump: Want democracy? Enact a constitutional amendment prohibiting corporations from spending to influence elections.’

‘Clinton + Trump: Want democracy? Abolish the Electoral College and allow direct national election of the president by Ranked Choice Voting.’

The aforementioned reforms aren’t bad ideas in and of themselves. Variants of them have been used in countries around the world and often give voters a wider array of choices than the current system used in the U.S. That being said, there’s no reason that Stein has to bash Clinton while promoting these reforms. In fact, Clinton even came out in support of an amendment to ban corporate money from elections.
As mentioned above, many people are annoyed with Stein’s attacks on Clinton, and some are even blaming the Green Party for Clinton’s loss.

‘In case you were inclined to revise your judgment of Dr. Stein as a preening egotist…’

What are you thinking with this? Do you not understand this sort of rhetoric is one reason Trump won?’

@DrJillStein Just when I was almost ready to acknowledge she was doing something good for once, she reverts to her usual assholishness.

As mentioned above, we find Stein’s behavior a bit odd considering that a lot of her support comes from Democrats, and this recount can only benefit Clinton. Regardless, we imagine if Stein does somehow manage to reverse Trump’s victory, many people will be more than willing to forgive these tweets.

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