Kellyanne Conway Gets COMPLETELY Humiliated On ‘Meet The Press’, Chuck Todd Tees Off (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s presidential campaign manager and close aide Kellyanne Conway appeared Sunday morning on NBC’s Meet The Press with Chuck Todd, and her appearance went over unsurprisingly poorly.

Persons representing the president-elect of the United States shouldn’t, after all, need to be fact-checked into their place, although that is exactly what Todd had to do.

Conway and Todd were discussing the controversy over Trump’s transition efforts, an issue at the front and center of the national conversation as Trump, for example, has continued to cultivate his business interests while also preparing the body of his presidential administration.

Conway began:

‘I think the presumptive negativity that some people have toward him, that he won’t get this right, is counting him out, and betting against Donald Trump is never a good idea. He will get this right; he will comply with the law.’

Todd responded by confronting Conway with what the actual issue was- Trump’s potentially conflict of interest-creating business ties- forcing her to be more specific than vague talk about “presumptive negativity.”

Todd quoted conservative icon Peggy Noonan to Conway, who is one of many voices calling for Trump to sever his business ties – with her suggestion being to “liquidate it all” as Todd put it – so that Trump can serve as president of the United States without having private business interests weigh on his policy decisions.

Conway, however, wasn’t buying it. She started by referencing a business background that she didn’t even know she had and saying “it’s not that simple,” as if emphatic statements make one an expert in any given subject.

She then went on to ask why Trump should “deny his adult children the ability to do what they do so brilliantly already,” thus suggesting that Trump’s current plan of simply transferring control of his business network to his adult children is actually acceptable.

In response to Conway’s question – Oh, I don’t know, maybe because no matter what DNA makes up half of certain persons’ genetic code, they still aren’t more important than the rest of the United States?

Did Donald Trump’s children all of a sudden become more important than the millions of people whose lives hinge on the decisions that President Donald Trump may make while under the influence of private financial concerns?

Transferring control of his assets to his children isn’t enough. At least one of these children, Ivanka, has already been routinely sitting in on high-level meetings. Thus, to transfer his wealth to his children would be to simply pass it around the room like some demented game of hot potato.

When Todd confronted Conway over this, she resorted to a Trump-ian talking point which has been vomited up a million times over – it’s the media’s fault!

She claimed that media coverage at the time of Obama’s election eight years ago was focused on talking about “how cool he is” and stated that “if we’re not going to do that about President-elect Trump, we should at the very least trust him to do the right thing.”

Todd replied quickly, “I understand every knee-jerk pushback is going to be to blame the media. It’s a crutch. I get it and I’m used to it.”

Watch the video of Todd and Conway on NBC below.

Featured Image via screenshot via YouTube.