Twitter Responds BRILLIANTLY After Trump’s Recount Freak Out (RESPONSES)


President-elect Donald Trump woke up pissed off on Sunday. He went off on Twitter all day long over the recount efforts underway in the 3 Rust Belt states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

These 3 states are those which Trump’s shocking, winning margin in the electoral college hinges upon.

The Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein seized a recent opportunity to demand a recount in these states however, following a very widely publicized suggestion from a team of elections experts that voting machines in each of these states may have been hacked in Trump’s favor. The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign has tagged along in Stein’s efforts.

The recount is officially underway in Wisconsin, and Stein has announced plans to file for recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania in the coming days.

And, even though there is no clear evidence at this point that Stein’s recount efforts will give the 3 states under scrutiny to Clinton — and thus give her the presidency as well — Trump and his inner circle (but mostly Trump) are extremely ticked off at the suggestion that the electoral certainty provided by recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan is in not order.

The president-elect, for example, issued a biting statement about the recount — before he evidently decided that his official statement wasn’t enough and thus took to Twitter — reading, in part:

‘This is a scam by the Green Party for an election that has already been conceded, and the results of this election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused, which is exactly what Jill Stein is doing.’

He also claimed that Stein was simply using the recount efforts as a way to raise money, since, after all, the Green Party leader did raise a stunning several million dollars in only a few days time to fund her efforts.

On Sunday, Trump came to the point of suggesting, via Twitter, that “millions of people voted illegally” in the presidential election — even though it’s not exactly clear how much that helps his case in fighting the recounts — and Twitter flipped out.

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times –– who has helped publish many expose pieces on the president-elect — got straight to the point, tweeting simply “wow.”

A tweet from the Peabody winning playwright and performance poet Al Letson — which was liked a whopping one thousand times — explored the topic of how exactly Trump was so very, very wrong, in a bit more detail.

Letson wrote:

‘[W]ell, that’s just ridiculous. You sir, have a responsibility to be responsible in the words you choose.’

Charles Johnson, whose Twitter bio reads that he is a “[g]uitarist w/ George Duke, Stanley Clarke, Al Jarreau & more,” was a bit comical — and yet painfully on point — writing:

‘Hey Donald- it’s over. You won. You don’t have to keep lying to your delusional followers anymore.’

And these tweets are hardly unique. Just peruse the comments of Trump’s most recent Twitter rantings, where you can find gems like those featured below.

Not even CNN was kind with its headline, flatly announcing that Trump had claimed “without evidence” that millions of people voting illegally cost him the popular vote.

Featured Image via Drew Angerer/ Getty Images.