SURPRISE! Democrats Get A Chance To Pick Up BIG Senate Seat (DETAILS)


Donald Trump may have won the necessary amount of electoral votes to clinch the presidency, but there are still many Americans who are disappointed by the new president-elect’s victory. However, what is equally, if not more disappointing for the country’s Democrats and liberals is the fact that Republicans have maintained the majority in the House and Senate.

It is unlikely that Hillary Clinton will come out on top in the ongoing recounts; however, there is a chance that Democrats can gain a larger presence in the Senate, making a Trump presidency look a little less bleak. It all comes down to Louisiana Senate candidate Foster Campbell and his state’s unusual election process.

Louisiana, unlike other states, will not conduct its final Senate election until Dec. 10. On Election Day, the Pelican State held an open primary to choose the top two candidates — Foster Campbell and John N. Kennedy — who will go head to head in a little over a week’s time.

A victory for Campbell, a cattle rancher who describes himself as both a Democrat and a populist, would not flip the Senate in the Democrats’ favor — Republicans would still hold at least 51 seats regardless of the outcome in Louisiana. However, Campbell’s victory would help to give Democrats another voice to push back against some of Trump’s more troubling proposals.

Although Campbell doesn’t have “much of a path to victory,” according to a New Orleans pollster who has worked for a pro-Kennedy super PAC, he does have what The New York Times calls “panicked urgency among Democrats nationwide” working in his favor.

Several prominent Democratic celebrities have rallied around Campbell in hopes of gaining another like minded individual in the Senate.

For example, Rosie O’Donnell and John Leguizamo have drawn attention to Campbell via Twitter, the Times reports, along with comedians Patton Oswalt and John Mulaney.

Actor David Skeist, who has donated several hundred dollars to Campbell’s campaign, told The New York Times about his reasoning for supporting Campbell, “At this moment I don’t think it’s crazy to feel like our entire democratic institution is potentially under threat.”

Campbell is certainly not the most liberal candidate out there; however, he has emphasized to the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report the fact that he is willing to work against the establishment, especially when it comes to environmental protections. At the same time though, if he wins, he is willing to work with Trump “when he’s right.”

“I’ll help [Trump] when he’s right. But if he wants to privatize Social Security, if he wants to privatize Medicare, there’s no way in the world [I would help him],” he said. “If he wants to appoint Bobby Jindal to a cabinet position . . . I could never vote for Bobby Jindal for any cabinet position.”

Campbell has also called out the Democratic Party for not supporting his campaign. “The (national) Democratic party is missing in action,” he said. However, he is happy that he has financial support from individuals across the nation who see him as their last hope. “That’s fine, because the people are in action all across America.”

Campbell may have hurt his chances of winning by being critical of the Democratic Party. There is a chance, though, that his criticism will help appeal to people who are fed up with the establishment on both sides of the aisle.

Early voting has already begun in Louisiana and will extend to Dec. 3. To learn more about Campbell and his positions, or to donate to his campaign, click here.

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