Trump Surrogate Goes On CNN To Talk RECOUNT & Gets Fact Checked Into Next Week (VIDEO)


Early on Tuesday morning, Donald Trump tweeted that those who burn the American flag should face imprisonment or even lose U.S. citizenship. The comments have generated a firestorm in the media and one CNN panel degenerated into a shouting match concerning whether or not the President-Elect had a mandate from voters.

‘Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!’

For the first few minutes, the panel managed to stay on topic and discussed Trump tweets and the wider issue of how much coverage the media should give to them. It’s a debate that will probably continue throughout the course of Trump’s presidency and CNN’s panel, unsurprisingly, failed to settle it before the shouting began.

The trouble began when Trump supporter Anthony Scaramucci began talking about Trump’s mandate.

‘If you look at his mandate- 306 Electoral Votes, 2,600 counties that he won. The most counties won since Ronald Reagan for a Republican president. I think that he’s got the mandate and he’s going to come to Washington and disrupt things.’

It was at this point that Democratic strategist Maria Cardona jumped in to dispute Scaramucci’s claims of a Trump mandate. Cardona said:

‘I’m sorry, Anthony… there’s no mandate there. There’s no mandate.’

Scaramucci replied:

‘There certainly is.’

Cardona retorted:

‘Hillary won…He won the presidency fair and square with the Electoral College. There is no mandate when you lose the popular vote by more than 2.3 million votes. I know that is something that really raises the ire of the president-elect because that is another thing he tweeted about and it’s an outright lie. And when you have the President-Elect tweeting outright lies, what kind of President of the United States are we going to have when he doesn’t understand that his words can move markets. His words can start wars.’

When Scaramucci asked what lie Cardona was referring to she mentioned Trump’s claim that millions of people illegally voted for Hillary Clinton. Scaramucci claimed that Trump was basing his comments on research, but numerous media outlets have confirmed that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud having taken place this election. CNN’s media correspondent  Dylan Byers also pointed out the lack of evidence for Trump’s claims regarding voter fraud, but Scaramucci dismissed that by claiming Byers was simply upset over the election’s outcome.

Watch the full exchange below via CNN.

Featured image via screenshot.