JUST IN: More Members Of Electoral College Join Growing Coalition Working Furiously To Stop Trump


The Electoral College has just one job to do: Keep Donald Trump out of the White House. But will they do it? The Hamilton Electors, a growing coalition of anti-Trump Electoral College members, are calling for a revolt.

Polly Baca, one of Colorado’s nine Electoral College members, reminded the Colorado Independent that technically, Donald Trump is not yet the president-elect.

‘He is the not president-elect until the Electoral College meets. And as an elector I’m hopeful that we can come up with an alternative.’

Our founding fathers created the Electoral College as a safeguard, in case “We the People” vote for a potential tyrant like Donald Trump. But what happens when a vast majority makes the more sensible choice, while the Electoral College stands poised to rubber stamp an unfit, unhinged, rage-tweeting demagogue based on a minority of votes in a handful of swing states?

Oops. Our slave-owning founding fathers never thought of that. Nor did they imagine a vast nation in which half our population would cram themselves into just 146 urban counties out of more than 3,000 total. And, as we well know, these urban counties are the ones that went for Hillary Clinton.

All kinds of efforts are being made to block Donald Trump from setting foot in the White House. A petition on Change.org with over four million signatures calls on members of the Electoral College to vote for Hillary Clinton based on her qualifications and the popular vote. And then we have the vote recount efforts in three key swing states with razor-thin margins of victory. One elector has even filed a lawsuit to challenge the 29 states whose laws require electors to support their party’s candidate … Even though the penalties only consist of small fines that millions of us would gladly chip in to pay.

None of these efforts are likely to sway enough members of the Electoral College to block the incoming Trump regime. Electoral College members are nearly always staunch party loyalists who won’t cross party lines. As for the vote recounts, experts say the election results are unlikely to change.

That’s where the Hamilton Electors come in. This mostly-Democratic group of Electoral College members have come up with a way to stop Donald Trump that their GOP counterparts can get on board with. Alas, it’s likely to piss off many of their fellow Democrats. Why? Because they’re calling on electors from both parties to unite in backing a more “reasonable” Republican like John Kasich.

As The Independent explains, Polly Baca supports Hillary Clinton and would prefer to vote for her as her state requires. But she and her fellow Hamilton Electors say they’ll do what they see as their patriotic duty to keep a tyrant out.

‘But if that doesn’t happen, she said, she is willing to work with Republican electors around the nation “to find somebody that would be safe for our country.”’

The Hamilton Electors have registered as a 527 non-profit and are raising money for their efforts, which likely include the above-mentioned lawsuit by Michael Baca.

Alas, there are some major issues with what these members of the Electoral College propose. For starters, the people who voted for Donald Trump will be furious if the so-called outsider they voted for gets replaced by an insider. Even if that insider happens to be a Republican. Meanwhile, those of us who backed Hillary will also be enraged if Democratic electors vote for a Republican who will roll back civil rights for women, people of color, and LGBT people; wreak havoc on the environment; let corporations run amok; and shred our social safety net.

These kinds of loathsome compromises by Democratic leaders are what caused so many of us to turn against Hillary Clinton and vote for Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Jill Stein in the first place.

Watch: Hamilton Electors explain the Electoral College.

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