JUST IN: Fox News Hit With BIG New Lawsuit, What They Did Is DEPLORABLE (DETAILS)


Meet William and Claire Rembis, a couple of good, Christian home-schooling parents from Lubbock, Texas. They may let their 11 children eat from the dumpster and run around filthy and unsupervised…But don’t you dare call them pedophiles.

Back in September, Fox News ran an AP article about the Rembis family, and how the state of Texas had taken custody of 10 of their 11 children and put them in foster care. Their oldest son is 17 years old, and legally allowed to refuse child welfare services from the state.

‘Neighbors reported seeing filthy children climbing into trash bins and scavenging for food behind the Lubbock home of William and Claire Rembis, who are accused of neglect.’

The article notes that before moving to Lubbock, they’d been investigated by Child Protective Services in “at least three states.” William and Claire Rembis deny abusing or neglecting their children.

‘The couple hasn’t been criminally charged. Court records and testimony show they’ve previously been investigated in New Jersey, Michigan and in Plano, a Texas city about 300 miles east of Lubbock.’

To add insult to injury, Fox News accidentally filed their story in the “Sex Crimes” section. They later added a retraction, but that came too little, too late as far as William Rembis is concerned.

‘Fox News reported the Associated Press story on the same webpage as the phrase “Sex Crimes.” That phrase does not appear in the article, and Fox News did not intend to communicate that any of the couple’s children were taken into state custody because of crimes that are sexual in nature.’

Now, he’s filed a lawsuit against Fox News for libel with the Northern Texas District Court, and demands a retraction and over 10 million dollars.

‘Plaintiff’s reputation has been damaged irreparably. Plaintiff seeks damages over $10,000,000.’

William Rembis’ complaint adds:

‘Defendant published an article online under the heading “Crime” and the subheading “Sex Crime.” Plaintiff has never been charged with a crime of any kind or any allegation of sexual matter of any kind.’

The aggrieved parent later told LawNewz the article made him look like a pedophile.

‘I don’t care if they’re changing it now, it’s a little too late for that. In the meantime, that story has been up for weeks and people were thinking I’m a pedophile.’

Here’s a PDF with William Rembis’ lawsuit filing.

As for the folks at Fox News, they told LawNewz they “don’t comment on pending litigation.

On Sept. 20, Fox 34, a local affiliate, followed up and reported on William and Claire Rembis’ custody hearing. 10 of the children had been removed in August after “a neighbor found a young child wandering by herself near a busy street.” Other witnesses testified that they’d heard children shrieking while the parents tried to drown it out by playing “loud heavy metal music.” Neighbors also said they’d seen the children eating out of a nearby dumpster, while CPS said the parents did not have proper furniture for the kids and refused to cooperate with the investigation.

William and Claire Rembis insist the reason they’ve moved so often is so they can find work, that the shrieking was just kids having their usual temper tantrums, and that when CPS visited them, they did have proper furniture but hadn’t moved it into the house yet.

Meanwhile, the family’s Facebook page (along with several YouTube videos) reveals that the Rembises are Christian home schoolers who believe CPS is persecuting them…And some of their fellow Christians are rallying around them.

Rembis-family-fb-post JUST IN: Fox News Hit With BIG New Lawsuit, What They Did Is DEPLORABLE (DETAILS) Child Abuse Top Stories
Source: Post from the Rembis family’s Facebook page.

This, in spite of the fact that they couple has not been criminally charged, and CPS simply wants the parents to “establish stable housing and employment.” Alas for them, things are not looking good.

‘The judge ruled the children will temporarily remain in CPS custody until a status hearing next month. He’s asking the parents each pay $50 child support per month and establish stable housing and employment. The family is currently in the process of being evicted from their home due to non-payment, according to DFPS.’

Nowadays, apparently, Americans can’t even agree on what constitutes child abuse and neglect any more.

Watch: Rembis family investigated by CPS for abuse and neglect.

Featured image: Video screen grab Fox 34.