Dan Rather Hits Trump HARD Over Taiwan In BRILLIANT Facebook Post


President-elect Donald J. Trump has made one mistake after another since being elected, and hasn’t even made it to his inauguration yet. Just this week, Lord Orange decided he would break the protocol that was established decades ago and called Tssai Ing-wen, who is the president of Taiwan.

In 1979 the United States cut their diplomatic ties with Taiwan as a way to acknowledge Beijing’s government as the legitimate government for China. Taiwan, or the Republic of China, was established when Chiang Kai-Shek and the Kuomintang fled to the Island after being defeated by Mao Zedong and the People’s Liberation Army in 1949. After fleeing to Taiwan, they started a government-in-exile known as the Republic of China.

To this day, the ROC still claims supremacy over mainland China (the People’s Republic of China), and the United States supported this claim up until diplomatic relations were reestablished with the PRC in 1979. Tensions remain very high between the ROC and PRC. So what, exactly, was Trump thinking in his tiny little brain when he made that phone call? Former Asia director at the White House National Security Council, Evan Medeiros, said that leaders in China will consider Trump’s actions highly provocative and change their views of the president-elect’s decision making for the worse.

‘With this kind of move, Trump is setting a foundation of enduring mistrust and strategic competition for U.S.-China relations.’

Legendary American journalist Dan Rather also expressed his thoughts to Facebook on Friday, explaining the seriousness of the Donald’s actions:

‘I have said before that there are no training wheels to becoming president, and we may have seen the effects of that today.

‘Reports are ricocheting across the news media and the diplomatic world that Donald Trump has become the first United States President or President-elect to speak directly with the leader of Taiwan in decades.

‘There is no bigger touchstone to the stability of the far rim of the Pacific than the issue of Taiwan. We do not yet know what precipitated this apparent gross breach of established American protocol, but the damage may already have been done. This is deeply serious business. You can expect that the government in Beijing is burning up the trans-Pacific communications with some version of “what the hell is going on?” They will likely make their displeasure, if not fury, known very quickly.

‘There is nothing that would concern the Mainland Chinese more than to have a suspicion that American foreign policy will change. We can guess that this was something Trump and his advisors didn’t think through. Or maybe it was meant to be provocative. Regardless, someone needs to tell the President-elect that this isn’t some “reality-show” that you can fix in the editing room.’

Within the last month, Donald Trump has repeatedly shown that he is incompetent  and cannot be trusted to run the United States. His appointment of white supremacists to his cabinetviolating the constitution, and now calling and telling the president of Taiwan that he will do whatever it takes to “fix their problems” shows that Trump is clearly in over his head.

This fool thinks he can do anything since being elected the next president of the United States. News flash, Mr. Trump: You are not the president yet and if you keep this up, there’s a good chance you won’t even make it to inauguration.

Featured image is a composite courtesy of Mannie Garcia via Getty Images and Matthew Eisman via Getty Images