JUST IN: Ivanka Trump Caught In BIG Outsourcing Scandal Day After ‘Carrier’ Scam Exposed


Remember Donald Trump’s fiery speech in North Carolina on the campaign trail, the one that made all the white, working-class folks there cheer and vow to follow Trump to the end?

‘They get the jobs, they get the factories, they get the cash, and all we get – we get illegal immigration and we get drugs.’

Of course outsourcing is the fault of illegals and druggies, who else would a Trump supporter blame?

They can start by blaming their witless leader and then move on to his daughter. After all, they’re the ones profiting by the billions from outsourcing production and taking work away from the American people. The people Trump referred to in his North Carolina speech who gets “the cash?” That is Trump himself, as well as his daughter, Ivanka.

According to Bloomberg Politics:

‘Ivanka Trump’s $100 million apparel line is sewn in Asian countries under a licensing agreement with G-III Apparel Group Inc., which has expanded from making coats in New York’s Garment District to become a manufacturer of global scope. That method of moving $140 sheath dresses and $80 sweaters means political embarrassment for her father, who has threatened a trade war against China, the world’s second-largest economy.’

In order to continue making exorbitant profits off her clothing line should manufacturing be moved to the United States, prices would need to increase to levels that the middle class can’t be convinced they can afford, and the Trumps are all about making exorbitant profits at the expense of American workers.

In other words, they exploited those workers for votes just like they exploit them for profit as a way of life. Empty promises were good for campaign rhetoric, but turning those promises into real reform now that Trump has been elected won’t be nearly as simple as Trump led his supporters to believe.

‘Manufacturing jobs in the U.S. have declined 37 percent since their peak in 1979. Cheap labor overseas has reduced costs for companies and trained consumers to expect low-priced goods. Only 16 years ago, the garment industry made 50 percent of U.S. apparel in the Western Hemisphere. Today, a mere 20 percent is produced in the Americas – and only 2 percent domestically, said Ed Gribbin, president of Alvanon, a New York-based apparel-consulting company.’

Yes, Trump supporters, you’ve been played. To see just how preposterous Trump’s promises were, see video below.

Featured image via Getty/CBS Photo Archive