JUST IN: Sarah Palin Makes Stunning Political Announcement That Has LIBERALS Cheering


Sarah Palin has long been a supporter of Donald Trump, even rallying for him multiple times during his presidential campaign. Yet, despite her full endorsement of him for POTUS, Palin has had a couple of issues with the now president-elect.

The first time was back in August, when Trump first began to back-step his ridiculous immigration plan to deport millions of people within days of being elected. And now, she has published an op-ed with Young Conservatives in which she says that:

“When government steps in arbitrarily with individual subsidies, favoring one business over others, it sets inconsistent, unfair, illogical precedent. Meanwhile, the invisible hand that best orchestrates a free people’s free enterprise system gets amputated. Then, special interests creep in and manipulate markets. Republicans oppose this, remember? Instead, we support competition on a level playing field, remember? Because we know special interest crony capitalism is one big fail.”

Palin wished the state of Indiana a merry Christmas for Trump’s new deal, and then continued:

“Politicians picking and choosing recipients of corporate welfare is railed against by fiscal conservatives, for it’s a hallmark of corruption.”

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are currently on a victory tour, making this a delicate time for such close and significant supporters to be turning their backs on the newly elected leaders.

Palin concluded the op-ed with:

“well meaning, burdensome federal government imposition is never the solution. Never. Not in our homes, not in our schools, not in churches, not in businesses.”

“Gotta’ have faith the Trump team knows all this. And I’ll be the first to acknowledge concerns over a deal cut by leveraging taxpayer interests to make a manufacturer stay put are unfounded – once terms are made public.”

Trump has yet to make a comment.