Trump LAUNCHES Into ‘Taiwan Scandal’ Freak Out On Twitter, Attacks U.S. Government (TWEETS)


Our new president-elect has shown, once again, that he cannot control his Twitter fingers, or his mouth, for that matter. It all started Friday afternoon when Trump tweeted that he received a call from the president of Taiwan, congratulating him on winning the election.

After posting that tweet, Trump received criticism over his collusion with yet another foreign leader. In the throws of a full-on temper tantrum, the president-elect took to Twitter once more to make a total ass of himself.

As if it’s our fault that he’s not trusted enough to speak to other people.

This is just the tip of the titanic iceberg that we are steering directly towards. If Donald Trump can’t control his dramatic outbursts, how can he possibly avoid an all our world war the second someone decides to test his character?