Alec Baldwin RESPONDS To Trump’s SNL Twitter Tantrum & Donald Is FREAKING Out (TWEETS)


Donald Trump hates the character Alec Baldwin portrays him as so much, that now, the actor is using that hatred as collateral to possibly get some much wanted information from the new president-elect. Baldwin hits the SNL performance out of the park every time he does it, and Trump simply cannot help himself from complaining about the comedy skits publicly.

Even Sarah Palin knew that seeing Russia from her house was all in good fun. She may not have liked it, but she didn’t make a fool of herself by throwing a tantrum on social media in retaliation of a very successful comedy show..

After Saturday night’s episode aired, Trump practically ran for his devices in order to whine about the comedy show and Baldwin’s spot-on performance to the entire world.

Baldwin, realizing that Trump can’t stop himself from having a very public debate about a comedy skit show’s alleged “hit job” on him, has now baited the president-elect into what is sure to be an ongoing line of communication. Shortly after Trump tweeted his ridiculous claims, Baldwin responded with one very simple line.

So that’s what it comes down to, Trump. You release your tax returns to the public, as every presidential candidate has done for decades, or count on a regular appearance by Baldwin on SNL.

The question is, if you have no sense of humor, why are you tuning in at all?

In case you missed last night’s show, check it out below via YouTube: