BREAKING: Dakota Access Pipeline IS DEAD, U.S. Government Says NO WAY (DETAILS)


After months of protests by the Standing Rock Sioux Water Protectors and their allies, MSNBC delivered some long-awaited good news from North Dakota.

In a breaking news report Sunday afternoon, an MSNBC anchor announced:

‘There appears to be an apparent victory for those who have been protesting a proposed pipeline. The Secretary of the Army Corps. of Engineers telling the Standing Rock Sioux Chairman that the current pipeline route will be denied.’

Here’s a photo of the news report from a TV screen by the Bipartisan Report’s ever-vigilant news hound, Carissa House Dunphy.

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Photo: Via MSNBC.

MSNBC’s Cal Perez reported from the site of the Standing Rock protests via videolink:

‘So the easement has been denied by the Army Corps of Engineers. They have told the head of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, Dave Archambault II, they’re about to make the announcement. [unintelligible] A historic moment in the relationship between Native Americans and the United States federal government. The pipeline is not going to run under the Missouri River.’

Alas, the Dakota Access Pipeline still isn’t dead. The U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers will still have an environmental impact study performed to find an alternate route. But that’s likely going to prove a challenge since no one seems to want it anywhere near them. The pipeline was originally supposed to run near the city of Bismarck, but its mostly-white residents vehemently objected because they feared their drinking water would be contaminated…And the pipeline was rerouted.

The Dakota Access Pipeline’s backers then enlisted the U.S. government’s and local law enforcement agencies’ help in forcing the Standing Rock Sioux to accept the pipeline at gunpoint.

The Obama administration’s decision comes in the nick of time, as Donald Trump owns stock in the Dakota Access Pipeline’s investors and would likely have jammed it down the Standing Rock Sioux’s throats.

This news is encouraging because it shows that once in a blue moon, activism and a group of determined protesters can still create positive change and keep corporations from running roughshod over us. Unfortunately for us, with Donald Trump and the GOP in charge, we’ll need to do a lot more protesting over the next four years.

WATCH: MSNBC reports on the end of the Standing Rock/DAPL standoff.

Here’s the footage, as captured by an alert Facebook user, Wasté Win Young.

Featured image: Photo of MSNBC video by Carissa House Dunphy.