BREAKING: ‘Federal Court Intervention’ Announced For IMMEDIATE Recount In Swing State (DETAILS)


On Sunday, the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein announced that hopes for recount efforts in Pennsylvania are not yet lost.

Jonathon Abady, the lead attorney for Stein’s recount efforts, released a statement on the former presidential candidate’s Facebook page after a judge in the Commonwealth Court demanded that the 100 petitioners demanding the recount pay a $1 million bond in order for the recount to move forward.

Stein also told Twitter followers that she plans to continue the effort on the people’s behalf.

Pennsylvania is one of three states, which also includes Michigan and Wisconsin, where Donald Trump won by approximately one percent or less. In light of proof that Russian intelligence was responsible for the hacked documents released on WikiLeaks that upended the DNC and damaged Trump’s strongest political opponent in order to influence the U.S. election in favor of Russia’s preferred candidate, concerns that voting machines may also have been hacked led Stein to demand recounts.

Stein and her attorneys will now bypass the Commonwealth Court and demand relief from the federal courts in order to ensure election results that voters can trust are accurate. Demands for an outrageous sum of $1 million in order to ensure that accurate result for concerned voters seemed wildly unfair to Dr. Stein and many of those involved in the efforts.

Reports on Sunday that the recount demand had been withdrawn in Pennsylvania dashed some voters’ hopes that the results could be overturned, but Stein assured those voters that the recount demand would move forward. The combined electoral votes from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania would all be necessary to overturn the results and ensure that the candidate that the American people elected, Hillary Clinton, would serve the country as president.

Dr. Stein plans to hold a press conference regarding the recount efforts in front of Trump Tower on Monday.

Featured image via Getty/Boston Globe