Trump IRATE After Rachel Maddow Devotes ENTIRE Segment To Exposing His Bullsh*t (VIDEO)


On Friday night Rachel Maddow attacked President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to receive a call from the President of Taiwan and speak with her.

The MSNBC host tore into Donald Trump on her self-titled show in reaction to news of the “congratulatory call” he received from Taiwan, and then bragged about on Twitter. After explaining the history of the United State’s relationship with the People’s Republic of China, she accused the president-elect of jeopardizing an important relationship that has been nurtured for decades.

Maddow, like many Americans, seemed to genuinely wonder if Trump planned the call or if it was just “a huge screw-up.” But she believes that it’s “likely that he has no idea what he just stumbled into.”

Rachel Maddow then said:

‘We don’t know if he did it on purpose or if he just bumbled into it. Either way, this conceivably is the way wars start.’

According to the MSNBC host, this extreme policy shift happened “without anybody having any warning that it was happening.”

The phone call that President-elect Donald J. Trump received from Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-Wen is a big deal for many reasons, as Maddow points out. Namely that our country’s leaders haven’t recognized Taiwan as its own country since the 1970s. Officially, there can only be one China.

An act as simple as receiving this call may well have ruined our diplomatic relationship with one of the biggest countries in the world. A country that the United States owes money to, even.

Bewildering, snap decisions like this are typical of the recently elected Republican president. Many fear what will result from Trump continuing to bumble his way through a job he has no idea how to do…And, ultimately,  what price the citizens of the United States will pay because of his arrogance.

Watch: Rachel Maddow tears into Donald Trump and his phone call from Taiwan.

You can see the clip from MSNBC’s the Rachel Maddow Show in the video below:

Senator Chris Murphy joined Maddow, after taking to twitter to express his similar opinion:

Featured image: Screen capture via MSNBC.