Steve Harvey Wins The Internet After BERATING Donald Trump Over Twitter (DETAILS)


The ongoing and volatile Twitter tirades from President-elect Donald Trump have gone on for so long that even Trump-apologist Steve Harvey has become exasperated with the former real estate mogul and amateur politician.

Harvey spoke out against Trump on The View on Monday’s edition of the popular talk show, focusing on the staggering pettiness being shown by our future president.

Ranging over a broad swath of subjects, from insulting China to insulting television shows to blocking everyday followers, Donald Trump has gone overboard with his personal twitter crusade to snark back at everyone who dare criticize him.

Recently, Trump issued another Twitter tirade about the absolutely hilarious impression of the next president by Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live. Last Saturday’s show included a skit featuring Baldwin mocking Trump for tweeting when he should be doing much more vital things — like attending security briefings, reading over foreign policy briefings from the State Department, or even studying the Constitution so he will better understand the legal limits of his office.

Harvey told the ladies on The View panel that he couldn’t understand how Donald Trump found the time to tweet or worry about lashing out against a TV show. Harvey, who has complimented Trump in the past, tried to give the president-elect a little perspective about being a famous person being parodied by SNL:

‘Look, do you know how many times Saturday Night Live has done me? That little fat Kenan [Thompson] talked about me.

‘He done me like I ain’t got nothin’ else to do. I want to punch him in the face, yeah, but I mean, I don’t have time for that.’

Then Harvey really hit the nail on the head:

‘I’m not even the president, and I ain’t got time for that.’

The audience exploded with applause.

Harvey expressed admiration for Trump during the presidential campaign in March, despite having endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Regarding the real estate mogul, Harvey told Fox Business News:

‘He’s the most exciting candidate that I’ve seen in years. He makes me want to watch the debates because he’s an interesting guy. I think the freshness of him is that he says whatever is on his mind. And that’s very “un-pc.” I like that about the guy.’

Harvey also stated that as much as he appreciated Trump’s novel approach, he had to consider the needs of people like his fans when endorsing Democrat Hillary Clinton:

‘I have to vote for the masses. For my own pocket, I would have to probably vote a certain way but I don’t worry about that. The people that support me are what I’m more concerned about.’

You can watch the entire segment with Steve Harvey below:


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