BREAKING: Michigan Finds MAJOR Vote Irregularity In Black Neighborhoods, Recount In Chaos


Donald Trump won Michigan’s 16 electoral college votes by a margin of only 10,704 voters. It is a monumental problem during a recount when the margin is that small to throw out 847 votes in one precinct with another 610 precincts possibly facing the same fate.

In Michigan’s Rochester Hills precinct 11, on the outskirts of Detroit, the log book kept by poll workers counts 848 votes cast, but the ballot box contains only 847 votes. Because of that one missing ballot, the entire precinct’s votes must be thrown out of the recount.

According to the Detroit Free Press:

‘Mark Grebner, a longtime political consultant who’s studied Michigan elections for decades, said Michigan differs from other states when it comes to recount procedures.


‘Grebner said that the mismatch between the number of ballots in a box and the number in the poll book are most likely the sign of human error on the part of poll workers, who are supposed to reconcile the numbers before closing the precinct for the night. But that often happens after midnight, and poll workers have been on the job since dawn.’

Even 847 votes from one precinct don’t seem incredibly significant in a recount with 10,704 votes deciding the state’s choice of president…except that another 610 precincts, the majority of which are in Detroit, are likely to suffer the same fate. Even one missing vote in any given precinct means the entire precinct’s votes cannot be included in the recount.

Grebner expressed his deep frustration with this policy.

‘Michigan law is stupid on this point. It makes no sense, and it should be fixed. Other states don’t do this.’

The 610 precincts in which vote totals did not accurately reconcile are all in Wayne County, Michigan, a county in which President Barack Obama won 73.1 percent of the vote in 2012. Wayne County’s population is nearly 46 percent non-white, as compared to a state population of less than 20 percent non-white citizens.

In other words, the votes in a county with an extremely high percentage of non-white voters will more than likely not be counted in a process meant to ensure all voters that results were legitimate.

Is anyone else seeing a problem with this?

Featured image via Getty/Jeff Kowalsky