BREAKING: Republican Party In Shambles After NEW Leader Placed Under Arrest (DETAILS)


Newly elected Republican state representative Michael F. Maloney was arrested on Sept. 17 on a misdemeanor charge for assaulting a police officer at a Dropkick Murphys concert.

The Republican Rep-elect, from Gilmanton, New Hampshire, was attending the concert at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion (Meadowbrook) in Gilford when apprehended by police.

As reported in the Laconia Daily Sun, Maloney, 51, was attending the concert with a group and was outside the gate causing a disturbance. When the group’s behavior became overly raucous, a Meadowbrook security asked them to calm down; they refused.

Responding to the complaints of rowdy behavior were Lt. James Leach and Northfield Patrol Officer Aaron Chapel who was on special assignment in Gilford for the event. According to Gilford Police Information Officer Lt. Kris Kelly, Maloney insisted on yelling loudly, and the group was asked to leave the facility.

Kelley reports that either Maloney or someone in his group called 911 so that state police would respond to the disturbance rather than local police.

According to reports, Maloney put his hands in his pockets and aggressively chest-butted Officer Chapel.

Maloney was arrested and charged with a class A misdemeanor, then released on his own recognizance. Assault on a police officer in the line of duty is often punishable by imprisonment.

Maloney’s trial was scheduled for Dec. 5, but then delayed when his lawyer filed for a continuance in order to investigate further and coordinate with witnesses. According to Maloney’s attorney, a key witness is currently on active duty military and would not be able to attend a Dec. 5 trial.

Gilford Police approved the continuance, and the judge granted an extension of 45 to 60 days.

Maloney was elected in November for his first term in the New Hampshire House of representatives.

Maloney was one of two Republicans running for the two open seats in Belknap County District 5. His successor, David H. Russell, chose not to run again for office.

CNN recently referred to New Hampshire as the “state where anyone could become a state representative,” and apparently they were correct. In a February article, the news site quoted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as joking: “You guys trip over state reps every four miles.” The New Hampshire state house of representatives includes 400 members, with a state constitutional amendment issued in 1942 that demands no less than 375 representatives. The annual salary for state reps is $200 for their two-year term, and no per diem is provided.

Maloney and Republican incumbent Peter Varney won their two seats against Democratic challengers Elizabeth Abbott and Hammond Brown with 34.19 and 32.07 percent of the vote, respectively.

You can check out the Dropkick Murphys’ performance at the Pavilion in September thanks to YouTube.

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