‘Carrier Corp’ Union Head Exposes BLATANT Trump Lie – ‘He Lied His Ass Off’ (DETAILS)


President-elect Donald Trump flat out lied, according to a Carrier company union leader. Seven months ago Trump pledged to save the air conditioning plant’s jobs during an Indianapolis rally. Carrier was in the process of off-shoring jobs to Mexico, as many companies have before them. This is what happened.

President of the United Steelworkers 1999 Chuck Jones and his coworkers waited for three hours for new President-elect Donald Trump in a factory conference room, according to the Washington Post. The union represents Carrier workers.

The 1350 workers who faced pink slips wondered if Trump could or would keep his promise. After he won the presidential election, Jones felt optimistic about the president-elect’s deal with United Technologies, which is Carrier’s parent company.

The optimism soon withered after Jones learned that the deal only kept 730 of the plant’s 1100 Indianapolis production jobs. In Trump’s grand deal, 550 people lost their livelihoods.

The 350 employees in research and development were never supposed to leave, but Trump took credit for saving those jobs. In other words, he really only saved 380 jobs. The blatant lie made Jones sick, and he said:

‘Trump and Pence, they pulled a dog and pony show on the numbers…I almost threw up in my mouth.’

The president-elect was supposed to lay out the details of the deal, so Jones hoped he would explain himself. The union leader said:

‘But he got up there and, for whatever reason, lied his a– off.’

Trump told the 150 reporters, production workers, and supervisors how wonderful Carrier and its parent United Technologies were:

‘Now they’re keeping — actually the number’s over 1,100 people, which is so great.’

Trump and Pence rewarded the corporation with $7 million in tax credits, and Carrier is supposed to invest $16 million in its Indiana company. But the parent company will still export 700 jobs to Monterrey, Mexico.

With the camera’s on him after the election, Trump talked about an employee who spoke to an NBC reporter. It seems the president-elect was giving that person the credit for inspiring Trump’s big deal with Carrier. That employee T.J. Bray, 32 said:

‘He said something to the effect, “No, we’re not leaving, because Donald Trump promised us that we’re not leaving,” and I never thought I made that promise. Not with Carrier. I made it for everybody else. I didn’t make it really for Carrier.’

At that rally seven months ago, the president-elect said:

‘They’re going to call me and they are going to say “Mr. President, Carrier has decided to stay in Indiana.” One hundred percent — that’s what is going to happen.’

But last week Trump said he was not being literal, when he was at that earlier rally:

‘I was talking about Carrier like all other companies from here on in. Because they made the decision a year and a half ago. But he believed that was — and I could understand it. I actually said — I didn’t make it — when they played that, I said, “I did make it, but I didn’t mean it quite that way.”’

Bray said:

‘I was confused when he was like, “I wasn’t talking about Carrier.” You made this whole campaign about Carrier, and we’re still losing a lot of jobs.’

It looks as if Trump has no plans to support unions and can spin 1100 plus jobs out of 380.

Featured Image: Getty Images.

H/T: Washington Post.