President Obama Announces EXTREME Measures To Stop Trump From Destroying America


A world threat is how President Obama sees Donald Trump, so the president released a new memo that sets boundaries on the use of force rules. President-elect Trump has already threatened more aggressive counterterrorism ops, so that is the reason President Obama took this unprecedented act. But did the president thread that needle?

He hopes to convince Trump to use this 61-page document as a presidential “one stop shop” for how to run this country in a troubled world. President Obama covers everything from rules for lethal drones to terrorist detention and the laws that govern them, according to the Washington Post.

The president hopes to prevent “the risk of an ill-considered decision.” Instead, he hopes future presidents will build upon his memo:

‘That encourages future Administrations to build on this report and carry forward the principles of transparency it represents.’

The report carries a heavy title: Legal and Policy Frameworks Guiding the United States’ Use of Military Force and Related National Security Operations. It has “been in the works” since before the election,” according to a senior White House official.

Even though president-elect Trump spoke in favor of torture, this was not directed at him said an administration official:

‘Putting it together and presenting it to the next administration, it would be a helpful guidebook, certainly. But it wouldn’t have the same import as informing the American public.’

This is the first time any president has gathered all this information in one place. The official continued:

‘…It’s put together in such a way that it will be a guidebook for what we have employed . . . and how we have justified our use of force.’

Trump commented on waterboarding during his campaign:

‘Nobody knows if it’s torture, [and] enhanced interrogation . . . works. We have to play the game the way they’re [the Islamic state] playing the game. You’re not going to win if we’re soft and they’re, they have no rules.’

The billionaire said the ban on waterboarding made the Islamic State think the U.S. is weak. He went on to include terrorists’ families as part of the attack against the Islamic State. But then he walked it back:

‘I will not order a military officer to disobey the law. It is clear that as president I will be bound by laws just like all Americans and I will meet those responsibilities.’

After meeting with his nominee for defense secretary, retired Marine Gen. James N. Mattis, Trump told the New York Times, he was “surprised” when Mattis said he had “never found [torture] to be useful:”

‘I was surprised, because he’s known as being like the toughest guy. And when he said that, I’m not saying it changed my mind. Look, we have people that are chopping off heads and drowning people in steel cases and we’re not allowed to waterboard, [but] if it’s so important to the American people, I would go for [torture].’

One of President Obama’s first objectives was to close Guantanamo, but that doesn’t seem likely. Trump plans to keep the prison open, and he said:

‘We are keeping [it] open . . . and we’re gonna load it up with some bad dudes; believe me, we’re gonna load it up.’

This is a great set of presidential rules for a president-elect who breaks rules.

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H/T: Washington Post.