Ann Coulter Goes FULL RACIST During Wednesday Morning Twitter Meltdown (TWEETS)


There is little disagreement that Ann Coulter is a despicable and deplorable human being, but she usually tries to hide it under the guise of “patriotism.” Just like Trump’s new chief strategist, Steve Bannon, who insists that he isn’t a “white nationalist” but a “nationalist” (as if there’s a difference), Coulter tries hard to justify her racism as just being patriotic and espousing common sense.

She’s done with that now, apparently.

After a parody VP-elect Mike Pence account posted a xenophobic attack on “radical Islam,” Coulter had a little something to add to his words.

While Coulter has spent the past several years slamming President Obama for not saying “radical Islam,” she now is unhappy with Mike Pence for saying “radical Islam.” Why continue with the niceties of adding the word “radical” now? Why differentiate between decent black and brown folks and terrorists? There’s no need anymore. Trump is president, so covering up one’s racist ideology is no longer necessary. Doesn’t Pence realize this?

Coulter didn’t stop there, however. When one of her followers posted the tweet below, Coulter needed to add her racist two cents in there, as well.

Coulter felt the need to comment on this.

When someone on Twitter pointed out to Ann that disparities in access to education exists between different racial classes, Coulter’s influence was well documented in the replies by her followers.

Way to go, Ann. You’ve collected yourself a nice little basket of deplorables there.

Featured image via Getty/Michael Tran