Chicago Unveils BRILLIANT Plan To Hide Chicago’s Trump Tower Behind Giant Pig Balloons (IMAGES)


Bravo, New World Design Ltd.

Jeffrey Roberts, an architect at the Chicago architectural design firm, has unveiled a brilliantly on point plan to deal with an increasingly unsightly figure of his city’s skyline: The name “TRUMP” plastered in big, gold, obnoxious letters across Chicago’s Trump Tower.

The plan is simple, and it requires nothing more than four large, gold-colored, pig shaped balloons.

These 4 large balloons would be floated with their base in an area in front of Trump Tower that is effectively in the public domain, and thus open to projects such as that proposed by the New World Design Ltd. architect.

The balloons would be situated so as to cover up Trump’s name on the structure with the oh-so-glorious replacement of those four giant, gold, helium filled pigs.

The architect explained the reasoning behind his idea in a post on his firm’s blog.

The post draws a fascinating connection between the plan and “Animals,” the album by the legendary English rock band Pink Floyd.

Roberts wrote:

‘[t]he giant inflatable pigs are an homage to Pink Floyd’s, “Animals” album. We encourage… viewers to listen and make their own interpretations.’

The “Animals” album, released in 1977, plays off the themes explored in George Orwell’s monumental anti-totalitarian novel “Animal Farm,” although the album’s lyrics pivot into a more anti-capitalist message.

Such a message is, of course, fitting to be applied to a man like Trump who has for so long represented the most detestable parts of capitalism as he has left vulnerable persons out on the streets or otherwise improperly cared for after they came in contact with an arm of his family’s real estate empire.

Other intended allusions behind the balloons, according to the blog post, include a reference to Trump’s pre-Election Day perceived chances of winning the presidency — chances effectively on par with those of pigs actually flying — in addition to an allusion to Trump’s rather sickening reference to a former Miss Universe as “Miss Piggy.”

Although it remains unclear if the architect actually intends to make his plans a reality, the plan remains nonetheless a potent reminder of the national social fallout over Donald Trump’s election to the presidency.

After all, it’s not exactly as though Roberts made up the connective tissue between Trump and the concept of giant gold pigs showcased in his project. Trump’s only background is in sleazy business, as he spent decades building on the body of a controversial real estate empire passed on to him by his father.

Check out images of the architect’s concept for Chicago’s Trump Tower below, featured via the firm’s blog.

Image via Screenshot from Embarch.Blogspot.Com
Image via Screenshot from Embarch.Blogspot.Com
Image via Screenshot from Embarch.Blogspot.Com
Image via Screenshot from Embarch.Blogspot.Com

The plan was originally unveiled about three weeks ago but has only recently come to widespread public attention.

The firm commented via email to the Huffington Post as follows:

‘Our project scheme is intended as a bold visual response to the loud, illogical and frequently hateful expressions that engulfed the elections. It is a gesture in support of those of more rational, optimistic and inclusive minds.’

Featured Image via George Rose/ Getty Images.