Donald Trump Just Went On ‘The Today Show’ & IMMEDIATELY Regretted It (VIDEO)


President-elect Donald Trump was named the TIME Magazine “Person of the Year” early Wednesday morning.

Any illusion, however, of popular opinion tides possibly shifting, or at least beginning to shift, in Trump’s favor, was quickly shattered when Trump appeared on the Today show almost immediately following the TIME announcement only to be reamed over a host of issues by host Matt Lauer.

The first point the host hit him over was the tumultuous relationship that Trump has with Twitter, saying:

‘You seem to understand that perhaps having fights on Twitter would not be appropriate for the president. I have not seen you backing off fights on Twitter. In the time since you were elected, you’ve targeted the cast of Hamilton, The New York Times, China, Boeing, the media, and SNL.’

Lauer thus went on to ask over the issue of Trump’s fondness for picking Twitter fights, “Is this proving to be a habit that you’re finding a difficult time breaking?”

And no, the president-elect does not understand, as Lauer mentioned, “having fights on Twitter would not be appropriate for the president.”

Trump responded:

‘I think I am very restrained, and I talk about important things. I talk about, you know, recently China… we talked about their devaluation; we talked about their building this massive military fortress in the middle of the South China Sea, which they’re not supposed to be doing and other things.’

Hold it right there, Donald.

Those “other things” that the president-elect conveniently fails to elaborate upon are exactly what Lauer is talking about and exactly what is so unbecoming- at best- to be coming from the mouth, virtual or otherwise, of the president-elect of the United States.

He went on to discuss how Twitter allows him to “get it out much more honestly” than when he has to deal with “dishonest reporters.”

Lauer tried to give Trump an out in order to be able to make some sort of respectable showing for himself while appearing on the Today show by offering that perhaps Trump’s now long running criticism of Saturday Night Live was just coming across the wrong way.

The president-elect, however, held fast to his assertion, something he proudly proclaimed to Matt Lauer, that SNL is just a “terrible show”- even though, as Lauer noted, if it’s really that terrible than why does Trump keep watching it, something he is obviously doing since he keeps tweeting about it?

Ironically, in the weeks before the election, Lauer came under harsh criticism for supposedly being too soft on Trump while moderating the first official meeting of the man who is now president-elect and his former Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

The two met at a first of its kind “Commander in Chief Forum” that was put on by NBC, an event amounting to a town hall style debate of sorts.

Check out a clip from Trump’s appearance on the Today show below.

Featured Image via Spencer Platt/ Getty Images.