Trump Supporters Trolled At ‘Victory Tour’ Into Admitting They HATE His Policies (VIDEO)


Sometimes a good late night laugh is exactly what an America that is thoroughly exhausted because of the presidential election needs. For the latest round of laughs you can thank the Daily Show.

The Daily Show‘s current host, Trevor Noah, who took over after long beloved television icon Jon Stewart retired, has drawn plenty of criticism over supposedly being less entertaining than Stewart, but at least this time, with the help of much the same support team that backed Stewart, Noah pulled through just fine.

The Daily Show‘s “correspondent” Jordan Klepper went out this past week to one of President-elect Donald Trump’s so-called victory rallies that are currently underway as Trump carries on with a tour of the states that he won.

These rallies have left many observers more than a bit flabbergasted as to what exactly it is that the rallies are for.

After all, Trump won the presidency already. Thus, he no longer needs to woo voters to his side. Is he really that egocentric that he needs to surround himself with thousands upon thousands of people again who will gladly bend to his every wish?

Well, Klepper set out to try and find out exactly what it is that these rallies were for, via setting out to interview some of the president-elect’s most fervent supporters — those who were more than happy to come out to such a rally for no other real purpose than being in the same place at the same time with a whole bunch of other people who share their views.

To say that Klepper set up these Trump supporters in artfully hilarious fashion is an understatement.

He exposed to the Daily Show‘s viewers exactly where the fault line lies between what Trump supporters see reality as and what reality actually is.

After all, no matter how many Trump rallies — pre- or post-election — erupt into chants of “Lock Her Up!” — and no matter how many Trump supporters were willing to tell Jordan Klepper exactly why Trump’s former opponent should be in prison — Hillary Clinton is not going to be “locked up.”

One interchange sums up Klepper’s experience at the rally quite nicely.

After asking a Trump supporter about Clinton’s prospects for prison, the man Klepper was speaking to replied:

‘We’re gonna lock her up, of course, of course.’

As Klepper replied though:

‘Now, some people are saying she’s a good person, and shouldn’t be prosecuted.’

To the man’s insistence that such people are “liars,” Klepper responded that:

‘Well, that person is Donald Trump.’

And the Trump supporter was silent.

Check out the just under five minutes of pure hilarity below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.