Anderson Cooper GETS NUTS After Robert Reich Viciously TRASHES Donald Trump (VIDEO)


On Wednesday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked top economist Robert Reich what he thinks of Donald Trump’s tweets. He wound up getting quite an earful.

The ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, former U.S. Labor Secretary to Bill Clinton, and much-loved economics professor at U.C. Berkeley had joined Cooper on 360 to promote his new book, “Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few.” But when Cooper asked about the president-elect’s Twitter account, Robert Reich clearly agreed with the 59 percent of Americans who wish TrumpleThinSkin would just stop tweeting and shut down his account.

For starters, the way Donald Trump constantly attacks his opponents is unbecoming in the soon-to-be leader of the not-so-free world, Robert Reich points out.

‘Let me just say, because Donald Trump is probably watching right now, let me just say: With all due respect, Mr. Trump, you are the president-elect of the United States. You are looking and acting as if you are mean and petty, thin-skinned and vindictive. Stop this. This is not a fireside chat. This is not what FDR did.’

He then slammed Donald Trump for lashing out at everyone who criticizes him on Twitter…Including Anderson Cooper’s previous guest, United Steelworkers Union 1999 President Chuck Jones, after he exposed Donald Trump’s bogus Carrier “deal” as a bald-faced lie.

‘This isn’t lifting people up. This is actually penalizing people for speaking their minds.’

Here’s the Tweet Donald Trump unleashed on Jones.

Robert Reich then excoriated Donald Trump for his blatantly false and mean-spirited tweet at Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, which has long held the contract for Air Force One.

‘What you did with Boeing the other day. Minutes after the CEO of Boeing was quoted as saying that you, Mr. Trump … were wrong on international trade, what did you do? You tweeted that Boeing should have an order cancelled, where you called it a $4 billion order.’

That’s right. The CEO of Boeing criticized Donald Trump’s stance on trade, and he declared that Air Force one costs more than $4 billion and threatened to cancel Boeing’s contract.

Ouch…By now, Donald Trump’s ears must be burning, though you won’t be able tell because they’re already orange. But Robert Reich wasn’t done yet.

‘So what you, Mr. Trump, would like is for no one, not a CEO not nobody on television, no journalist, nobody to criticize you. You take offense at that. Well you are going to be president very shortly. You are going to have at you command not just Twitter but also the CIA, the IRS, the FBI. If you have this kind of thin-skinned vindictiveness attitude toward anybody who criticizes you, we are in very deep trouble, and, sir, so are you.’

WATCH: Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich tears Donald Trump apart on CNN.

Featured Image: Andrew Burton via Getty Images.