Anderson Cooper Show Goes FULL CRAZY After Trump Advisor Gets Fact Checked HARD (VIDEO)


Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who served under President Bill Clinton, is among those left wing leaders who are far from interested in putting up with the idea of normalizing Donald Trump’s behavior just because he was elected to the presidency in what amounts to a freak of political nature.

Reich appeared Thursday on CNN with Anderson Cooper to discuss Trump’s administration, in the process slamming Trump’s Labor Secretary pick, fast food chain CEO Andrew Puzder, besides putting Trump supporting talking head Kayleigh McEnany in her place after she tried to defend Puzder.

Reich commented at one point while appearing on CNN that he had “racked his brain” to come up with an example of any modern Labor Secretary who was “so adamantly against things such as the minimum wage, or the time and a half overtime hours… basic labor laws”- and he came up short, unable to think of any modern Labor Secretary who thought according to what Reich described of Puzder when it comes to Labor issues.

Kayleigh McEnany is one of the Trump surrogates who made her name stumping for Trump on national television in the months leading up to Election Day.

After Reich expressed to host Anderson Cooper his utter shock at the selection of someone who amounts to such an opponent of workers’ issues for the position of Secretary of Labor, McEnany stepped in with her Trump supporter thought process revealing attempt at defending Puzder.

She began, saying:


‘I just want to… say to Secretary Reich, I thought it was really unfair the way you characterize the cabinet picks… I think the pick today, Mr. Puzder, is a guy who his employees have said he cares about the cashier the same way he cares about the business owners.’

Uh, okay. That’s all fine and dandy, but feelings that something is “unfair” don’t exactly make Reich’s characterization of Puzder wrong.

She, however, went on, adding:

‘I think it’s really unfair to characterize [Puzder] in that way, just because he believes in states raising the minimum wage rather than the federal minimum wage. He buys into… conservative philosophy… just because he’s conservative, it doesn’t mean he’s anti-worker.’

Reich, who quietly listened to McEnany during her entire radical right wing ideology clinging rant, responded beautifully, saying:

‘I’m not saying he’s anti-worker because he’s conservative. I’m saying he’s anti-worker because he’s anti-worker. The Department of Labor came into his restaurants and found that half his restaurants had wage and labor violations that violated the law off the United States. You think that’s pro-worker?’

Reich supported Bernie Sanders during the Democratic presidential primary season, turning his support towards Hillary Clinton once the general election season got underway.

Check out the video of Reich- and McEnany- appearing Thursday on CNN below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.