Nationwide Protests To Force Electoral Voters To DUMP TRUMP Announced, Are You In?


A massive, nationwide wave of protests have just been announced in an effort to force the Electoral College to follow the will of the nation’s voters and elect Hillary Clinton as the president of the United States.

These protests have been planned by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee — also known as the PCCC — to take place in conjunction with the December 19 formalization of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States when the 535 members of the electoral college officially cast their ballots in each of the 50 states’ capitals.

The issue with the formalization of Trump as president in just a few weeks’ time giving the opportunity for the PCCC to air their obvious grievances with the concept of Trump as president is simple. Hillary Clinton is nearly 2.7 million votes ahead of Donald Trump in the nationwide popular vote total as of Wednesday.

2.7 million.

Even though this massive — and still growing — chasm exists between Trump and Clinton in the popular vote totals, with Clinton ahead, Trump remains in track to be the next president of the United States.

Why? Three words: The Electoral College.

Trump won enough densely populated states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, to be specific — that he was able to pull off a winning margin in the Electoral College in the absence of a corresponding winning margin in the popular vote. More heavily populated states have more members of the electoral college versus less heavily populated states. However, the representation is not always proportional. For example, one elector represents 712,000 in California, but only 195,000 people in Wyoming.

Thus, in short, a man is about to assume the office of the presidency with a clear lack of support among a majority of the people he is supposed to be representing.

There is, however, no constitutional law requiring that the members of the electoral college obey the protocol and precedent that has left them in a position that they are about to confirm a new president with no national “mandate” whatsoever, and the members of the PCCC intend to force this point into serious consideration with their protests.

A poll of the 23,000 members of the organization found that 91 percent of them supported the protests, although around half of those supporting the protest effort openly acknowledged that the protests were not likely to end in actually seeing Hillary Clinton elected president of the United States.

Still, PCCC co-founder Adam Green wrote about the real, tangible goals that are within reach of the protesters in a letter to the group’s members that circulated Wednesday and was obtained by POLITICO.

Green outlined two main goals, beginning by saying:

‘First, by generating media attention to the idea that Electors who support the popular vote winner, we can make it a source of mockery when Trump claims a ‘mandate’ for an authoritarian, anti-worker, right-wing agenda. And when establishment Republicans in Congress claim a ‘mandate’ to ram millions of dollars of corporate giveaways through Congress.’

Green went on to note that the protests will, according to his estimation, “force the media to report that Trump’s razor thin victories in battleground states were made possible in part by massive voter suppression.”

Featured Image via Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images.