Trump ‘Victory’ Rally Descends Into TOTAL Chaos After Protester PROVOKES Donald (DETAILS)


Donald Trump continued his “Thank You Tour” in Des Moines, Iowa, on Thursday spouting some of the same lines he did during the campaign. He promised to make America great again and “build up the military,” but without the unrestrained rambling that made up his incendiary campaign speeches, the whole ordeal was fairly boring.

The only real excitement came when, during Trump’s long and pointless victory speech, protesters interrupted him by carrying an “Iowa Says No to Hate” sign through the venue. They were escorted out by security with no raging at the crowd from the man the electoral college votes made president of a country to “knock the crap out of” anyone or promises to pay the legal fees of supporters who assaulted his detractors.

Instead, Trump showed that he knew exactly how horrible his behavior was during those earlier rallies by laughing off the protesters now that he’s been elected by a minority of voters in the country and saying the detractors are actually supporters who “just don’t know it yet.”

While Trump may be trying to appear more presidential with his new, laugh-it-off attitude, it also proves he knew exactly what he was doing on the campaign trail. Whether his divisive behavior during rally speeches was actually harmful or stirred his basket of deplorables to physically assault people exercising their constitutional right to protest was not his concern back then.

While Trump may be walking back his insult-fest in rally speeches, have no fear, Trumpkins. He remains the King of Twitter insults, proving that he is still the same thin-skinned toddler bully he was throughout the campaign.

Featured image via Getty/Steve Pope