BREAKING: Michigan Supreme Court Makes DEFIANT Recount Announcement (DETAILS)


The Michigan state Supreme Court has just handed down a stunning ruling that effectively, immediately shuts down presidential election recount efforts in the state.

The court was tasked with such a decision after the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein challenged the ruling of a lower court that was handed down earlier this week and stated that Stein had no right to pursue seeing through a recount in the state because she is not an “aggrieved candidate.”

Stein only garnered around 1 percent of the vote both on the local level — in Michigan — and on the national level.

She thus has never stood to gain any elected office — meaning become the president, since that is her goal, in theory — as a result of the recounts, since recounts would never, obviously, magically erase the fact that only a small portion of voters supported her on Election Day.

Stein, however, has forged ahead in past weeks with recount efforts in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, even though she does not stand to necessarily gain anything. She has, rather, continuously cited rather vague concerns about ensuring optimum integrity and transparency for the American electoral process while discussing the recounts.

The issue of electoral openness is something near and dear to Stein already, since her political party, the Greens, often rails against the fact that it does not boast a large enough membership to be taken seriously enough for their liking by, for example, the Commission on Presidential Debates.

More acutely, however, Stein seized in starting her recount efforts on the suggestion of a group of elections experts that electronic voting machines were hacked in Donald Trump’s favor in the 3 so-called “Rust Belt” states that Stein has targeted with her recount efforts, a suggestion that was widely circulated in the days following the election.

Trump won the state of Michigan by a margin so small that it took weeks to even initially confirm him as winner of the state in the first place. He is approximately 10,000 votes ahead of Hillary Clinton in the state, where well over 5 million votes were cast.

Even though such a stunningly low margin gave Trump victory in the state, he is far from interested in ensuring that his margin of victory is honest.

Trump commented late Friday evening about the Michigan Supreme Court recount decision:

‘I heard a half an hour ago the courts ruled, we totally won and it’s over. Not that we care about that, that was just a way of somebody trying to raise some money for themselves.’

Stein’s recount effort in Wisconsin met a brighter fate than her efforts in Michigan; a state judge ruled on Friday that the Wisconsin recount was free to proceed despite legal challenges from pro-Trump interests.

A decision on the Pennsylvania recount is expected on Monday.

Stein is hardly alone in staging potentially fruitless endeavors against Donald Trump’s incoming presidential administration.

For example, a number of protest groups continue to target the members of the electoral college in an effort to try and get them to break with legal protocol and elect Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States when they officially cast their ballots on December 19.

The electoral college has not, however, ever broken away from casting their votes according to the legal precedent set in their home states ever in the history of the United States.

Featured Image via JEWEL SAMAD/ AFP/ Getty Images.