BREAKING: Donald Trump FLOORED After Evidence Emerges Of Secret Russian Bank Connection


Was Donald Trump being directed while running his presidential campaign by a Russian bank whose leadership has “assumed an unforeseen level of prominence and influence in the economic and political affairs of their nation”?

A group of prominent computer scientists suggest, after having spent months on end throughout the presidential campaign season examining computer data coming out of Trump Tower, that such is a distinct possibility.

The scientists began their examination of Trump Tower computer data in an effort to protect the Trump campaign organizations after evidence emerged that Russia was hacking Trump’s counterparts in the Democratic Party.

What they found, however, while looking for Russian based malware in Trump’s computer systems was surprising.

A report published in Slate Magazine shortly before Election Day describes the server that the scientists stumbled across, a server set up, seemingly, for the sole purpose of secretive communication between interests in Trump Tower and interests at Russia’s Alfa Bank.

The data available to the scientists did not allow them to see exactly what was being transmitted between Trump Tower and Alfa Bank, only that significant transmissions of data were taking place. When the scientists stumbled across the server, 87 percent of the transmissions over it involved a server at Alfa Bank.

News of the server slowly leaked out to the public in the months before the election, to the point that The New York Times attempted to pick up the story, as Slate reports.

Something strange happened however. After journalists from the New York Times spoke to representatives from Alfa Bank about the computer scientists’ findings, the server disappeared.

That, however, is not all.

As the computer scientists continued to monitor computer transmissions coming out of Trump Tower in the days following the server’s disappearance, a new server appeared. This server had a different name than the one previously being monitored, but it was immediately put to use for what seemed to be the exact same communications between Trump Tower and Alfa Bank as had gone on previously.

As Slate reports:

‘When a new host name is created, the first communication with it is never random. To reach the server after the resetting of the host name, the sender of the first inbound mail has to first learn of the name somehow… The first attempt to look up the revised host name came from Alfa Bank.’

This strongly suggests that the server was a secretive avenue for communication between Trump and Alfa Bank. Nobody has yet managed to ascertain exactly what the communication consisted and/or consists of.

Computer scientist Paul Vixie commented on the server used for some form of communication between New York’s Trump Tower and Alfa Bank — speaking both of its first and second incarnation.

He said:

‘The parties were communicating in a secretive fashion. The operative word is secretive. This is more akin to what criminal syndicates do if they are putting together a project.’

Alfa Bank isn’t just any financial institution. As already noted, in language taken from a U.S. court ruling, the bank’s leadership has “assumed an unforeseen level of prominence and influence in the economic and political affairs of their nation.”

Its leadership has been in Putin’s inner circle for many years.

Notably, according to Slate, Richard Burt, who helped Trump write the speech in which he first laid out his foreign policy, previously served on Alfa’s senior advisory board.

Featured Image via Drew Angerer/ Getty Images