CIA Official Leaks DEVASTATING Russia/Trump Info To NBC News, Trump Goes Silent


After the Central Intelligence Agency released their findings that Russia did, in fact, play a role in getting Donald J. Trump elected, the president-elect himself came out against the CIA, in a move that no other president-elect, president, or ex-president has ever made.

First, think for a second what it truly means to have the president-elect publicly devalue the CIA.

Intelligence agencies in America are scrambling to deal with this “distressing slap in the face,” and according to NBC News:

“President-elect Donald Trump’s dismissal of U.S. intelligence findings that Russia tried to sway the presidential election is a distressing slap in the face to the intelligence community, current and former U.S. intelligence officials said Sunday.”

An intelligence official told NBC on Sunday that Trump’s denial of the CIA’s findings is:

“contrary to all that is sacred to national security professionals who work day and night to protect this country.”

The official said that if Trump continues to “impugn the integrity of U.S. intelligence officials,” this nation will see a great divide among Trump’s devoted flock and the free thinkers.

On Fox News today, Trump said that he sometimes skips reading the intelligence briefings offered to every commander-in-chief because he’s “like, a smart person.” A former intelligence official says that he finds it kind of ironic that Trump believes he’s too smart to read his briefings, but will still speak out publicly about the content of those briefings. He said:

“It is curious that someone who refuses to take intelligence briefings has decided that he doesn’t agree with the analysis contained in them.”

The top Democrat of the House Intelligence Committee says that this implies even more danger. Rep. Adam Schiff of California said that:

“Even more damaging are comments that impugn the tens of thousands of Americans who are at work every day of the year, many in great physical danger, to protect us and to provide our national leadership — regardless of political party — with the best information possible.”

“Perhaps, once he has taken office, Mr. Trump will go to the CIA and look at the rows of memorial stars in the lobby — each representing a fallen officer — and reflect on his disparagement of the intelligence community’s work.”