John Cena Played Donald Trump On SNL & Absolutely NAILED IT (VIDEO)


President-elect Trump has taken great exception to Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live, furiously tweeting insults against the actor and the show.

The long-running NBC comedy sketch show came with a twist this week. When Alec Baldwin was listed as a cast member in previous weeks, viewers knew it meant a Trump sketch was coming. This week, however, the host of the show was WWE’s John Cena and Baldwin was nowhere to be found. Instead of the hilarious impersonation of Trump that viewers get from Baldwin, Cena played The Orange One in a skit called “Through Trump’s Eyes.”

The sketch began with Trump waking up in the morning to, of course, start watching Fox & Friends. In the sketch, his day begins like a dream with adoring servants surrounding him, a New York Times headline that appears written by Trump himself entitled “False Reports, Biased,” and a reflection in the mirror that shows Trump with hands the size of Christmas hams. It is Trump’s happiest dream.

The dream quickly turns into a nightmare when a Hollywood actress says bad things about Trump on television, “Trump is bad. Trump is lies…” His hands shrink back down to their real, miniscule size and the world looks dark and gloomy.

Melania reminds Trump that he has a beautiful model for a wife and the dream returns. Mike Pence chatters during a conversation about “work-job” and “other people, not Trump,” which is just white noise to the new president-elect. Kellyanne Conway brings Trump a supporter who “can’t wait for that thing you [Trump] promised.” The dream turns into a nightmare once again as the flannel-clad, red hat wearing supporter tells Trump:

‘Hollywood models are not your people. I am your people.’

After Conway steps in to turn the nightmare around again and fix everything, saying “Mommy lives for you,” the dream goes on to conclude with Trump finding the one person he adores (himself) waiting for him on a beautiful staircase. The two Trumps are finally happy together, because no one loves Trump more than…Trump.

See the full sketch below:

Featured image screengrab via video