Joy Reid Writes EXPLOSIVE Op-Ed To Trump Supporters: ‘You’ve Been Played’ (DETAILS)


“Hey, Donald Trump voters, you’ve been been played,” MSNBC’s Joy Reid tells them in a no-nonsense op-ed at The Daily Beast. The award-winning journalist and author hands the white, working-class people who voted for Trump a big fat-free dish of bad news.

The host of AM Joy on weekends tells the working-class white voter she is “sour about a family of kleptocrats moving into the White House.” She tells them she understands they believe Trump will resuscitate their jobs and return them to what used to be their way of life, but:

‘Over the course of his decades in business, Donald Trump has never given a damn about people like you … Trump used undocumented white laborers, mostly Polish, to do it [Trump Tower]. When his company forced them to work in deplorable, dangerous conditions and even failed to pay them the meager wages they were promised and they complained, Trump threatened to have them deported.’

No, Trump built his golden phallic tower in the Manhattan sky with “mob concrete” — not with Bethlehem steel. In fact, she says he rarely used American steel in his buildings. Instead, the president-elect goes for Chinese steel:

‘I wish to God the Clinton campaign had spent every waking month telling you guys about this stuff, instead of allowing the moving and cinematic “Man of Steel” TV ad by a pro-Trump super PAC probably funded by the same billionaires to whom he’s about to give massive top-rate and corporate tax cuts, to stand. But they didn’t. And here we are.’

Now, the “blue collar billionaire” is attacking the working-class white voter in a war of tweets. He is trying to bury the United Steelworkers 1999 of Indiana and union president Chuck Jones at the Carrier plant for just telling him the truth:

‘Unlike President Obama’s deal to save literally millions of auto industry jobs in 2009, there’s no agreement for Carrier to pay taxpayers back with interest … Well, Trump went after Mr. Jones, and now Mr. Jones is getting death threats.’

Here is the key to getting along with Trump, she says. Be “quiet and obedient,” because what happened to union leader Jones is a sign of things to come for you.

From his high tower, president-elect Trump will retaliate against anyone who does not respect him. He attacked Boeing when the CEO criticized him, threatening to withdraw their government contract to replace the Air Force One fleet.

If Trump really cared that about the regular working guy, he wouldn’t have hired the burger baron, Andy Puzder. This is the guy who wants to replace his employees with robots, because he doesn’t like sick leave or minimum wage. Trump and family already take their employees from where they are the cheapest: China, Mexico, and Ethiopia.

Reid points out how the working class white person will get what he and she wanted. There will be no more health insurance for them or their child with disabilities. Grandma will have to move in, because she will lose her Medicare and Social Security.

All those new jobs are actually the great privatization of the post office, schools, the roads, and the country. Reid said:

‘They’re into taking land, including our public lands and parks, or using another Trump favorite — public domain — to drill and frack, endangering your water just as surely as they poisoned Flint’s. And when they can’t steal any more from the Native Americans — who have shown they still have some fight left — they’ll come for your farms.’

So white working-class Trump workers, Reid says “you’re screwed.”

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H/T: The Daily Beast.