Kellyanne Conway Goes On Sunday Talk Show & Gets WORKED Over Russian Meddling (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation to discuss the issue of Russia’s interference in U.S. elections. When host John Dickerson asked if Trump would interfere Congress’s investigation into the claims of Russian interference, Conway was dismissive. She said that Trump would not interfere in the affairs of the legislative branch, but claimed the reports of Russia’s actions were an attempt to delegitimize the President-Elect.

‘…This is the latest attempt. First, it was Jim Comey’s fault. Then we’re going to have a recount, then it’s the alt-right’s fault, and now it’s Russian interference. And I would just tell you that there does seem to be a lack of certainly among some of these agencies.’

Throughout the course of her interview, Conway frequently attempted to dismiss the findings of the American intelligence community. She frequently argued that the intelligence community had not come to any clear conclusions regarding Russia’s actions, but that is not true. The CIA’s report makes it clear that they believe that Russia did interfere with the goal of tipping the election to Trump. As NPR reports:

‘Before, there was confidence about the fact that Russia interfered. But there was low confidence on what the direction and intentionality of the interference was. Now they [the CIA] have come to the conclusion that Russia was trying to tip the election to Trump’

Conway, perhaps inadvertently, also highlighted a contradiction in the way Trump is handling this affair. When this news first broke, the Trump campaign dismissed the intelligence community as “the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.” However, during her interview with Dickerson, Conway said that the President-Elect had faith in the intelligence community.

Conway claimed that Trump was only referring to the theory that Russia’s actions were intended to help him get elected. However, even prior to the CIA’s report there were some disturbing signs of Trump’s close ties to Russia. The first and foremost being that Paul Manafort had ties to a pro-Russian government in the Ukraine.

Members of both parties have called for a congressional investigation to determine the scope of Russia’s interference in the election. Conway promised that Trump would not interfere, but was less forthcoming about how proactive he would be in terms of cooperation.

For more information, you can check out the video below:

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