BREAKING: Federal Judge Makes FINAL Ruling On Electoral Vote Switch, Get Ready


Meet Polly Baca and Robert Nemanich. These faithless electors from Colorado will do anything to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. Even if it means voting for Ohio’s Governor John Kasich instead of Hillary Clinton. They even filed a legal challenge against a state law that compels them — along with the state’s seven other electors — to vote for the winner of their state’s popular vote.

But ABC 7 reports Federal Judge Wiley Daniel vehemently denied the motion because allowing them to buck their state’s popular vote “would undermine” the electoral process.

‘The judge said voters had a reasonable expectation that electors should vote with the public and called the suit a “political stunt.”‘

Daniels added that if they’re unhappy, they should work with the state legislature to change the law.

Voters in the state of Colorado picked Hillary Clinton, the more qualified presidential candidate who also won the popular vote by more than 2.7 million. Yet Polly Baca and Robert Nemanich, members of a mostly-Democratic anti-Trump coalition called The Hamilton Electors, want to throw Clinton and Colorado voters under the bus. Why? Because they believe Donald Trump is unfit for office. Yet they know GOP electors in other states would never vote for the Democratic candidate, no matter how dangerous Donald Trump is and no matter how close or disputed the results are in their states — and hope John Kasich might be an acceptable compromise.

A key argument from the Hamilton Electors comes from Federalist Papers #68. There, our Founding Father Alexander Hamilton argued that the Electoral College was meant to prevent the rise of unqualified demagogues and pawns of foreign powers. That describes Donald Trump to a T. But the Electoral College is also supposed to preserve “a sense of the people,” and the people clearly chose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by over 2.7 million in the popular vote. Furthermore, many of those who voted for Donald Trump thought they’d cast their ballots for a populist, anti-establishment candidate and would never accept the likes of John Kasich.

ABC 7 adds that Michael Baca, another faithless elector from Colorado, also filed a lawsuit but opted for a different anti-Trump strategy on Monday.

‘[I]nstead, he on Monday joined a push by other electors across the country to be briefed by the intelligence community on purported hacks allegedly carried out by Russians with ties to the Kremlin before they cast their Electoral College vote on Dec. 19.’

Democrats need to stop making futile attempts to “reach across the aisle” and start fighting back tooth and nail. The GOP has repeatedly proven themselves to be hateful nihilists and zealots willing to shut down the government, elect a fascist demagogue, and increase the suffering of their own constituents to enact the senselessly cruel and destructive agenda of their corporate masters.

WATCH: ABC News reports on a Colorado judge’s ruling against faithless electors.

Featured image: Justin Sullivan via Getty Images.