Kellyanne Conway Goes ‘Deer In Headlights’ After Anderson Cooper NAILS Her Over Russia (VIDEO)


Trump campaign spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday to discuss the president-elect’s recent flat denials that Russia intentionally influenced the 2016 presidential election in his favor. While Conway dismissed the claims as just a refusal to admit that Hillary Clinton was “a terrible candidate,” Cooper continued to dig in with important questions.

Cooper began by listing Trump’s denials of CIA reports that say there are connections between the hacking of the DNC and the subsequent release of emails on WikiLeaks and Russia’s desire to influence the election of Donald Trump in Trump’s own words, such as “ridiculous” and “just an excuse” for Hillary’s poor candidacy. The president-elect has also tweeted his disapproval, of course.

Of course, everyone knows that the CIA stating that proof exists of foreign influence of a U.S. election is the same as a reality TV show host insisting our president was born in a foreign country because he’s black. Those are the exact same thing.

Cooper asked Conway why Trump seems so completely convinced that Russia did not interfere in the election at all, regardless of whether they interfered in order to help Trump or not. The hack in itself is concerning and Cooper asked whether or not Trump wants to defend the country against cyberterrorism.

‘Absolutely. Yes he does, and he wants to get to the bottom of all cyberterrorism, not just what is politicized at the moment. Anderson, this smells like politics.’

Cooper then pressed her on the CIA reports that seem to confirm Russia’s intentional influence over the election in favor of Trump. Does the president-elect believe that even the CIA is lying because they are “in some way opposed to Donald Trump as president or, in some way, trying to influence things now? It sounds like you’re saying they’re trying to politicize intelligence.”

‘I would never paint with such a broad brush to implicate the CIA. We have faith in the intelligence community. Donald was asked that question squarely this weekend, “Do you have faith in the intelligence community?” and he turned around said, “I do.”‘

Having faith in the intelligence community leads one to tweet that they’re all a bunch of conspiracy theorists, or at least it does in Trump’s world. Despite Conway’s endless talk during the interview about not “jumping to conclusions” and waiting for evidence, Trump hasn’t done that at all. He has dismissed the CIA reports and seems utterly uninterested in getting to the truth of them.

One can only imagine why that might be.

See the full segment below:

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