BREAKING: Newsweek Drops Impeachable Trump/Foreign Blackmail Bombshell, Chaos


Monday night’s The Rachel Maddow Show ran an exclusive on a Newsweek story being released on Tuesday morning. In that exclusive, Maddow says that Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald has uncovered evidence that the president-elect may have already been “compromised” by a foreign leader.

The president of Turkey was the first person to call and congratulate the president-elect on election night, and while the world thought this was odd, it was pretty much assumed that many foreign leaders would be thrilled at the thought of a four-times-failed businessman running the most prosperous nation in the world.

It is believed by Eichenwald that Donald Trump is and will be blackmailed into granting the wishes of the Turkish president, including extraditing a Turkish imam currently living in Philadelphia. Until now, the U.S. has refused requests for an extradition.

According to Maddow:

“Turkey desperately wants the U.S. government to extradite an imam [Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen]. They [the U.S.] have said that they are not extraditing him. But if that’s what you wanted, what if you could squeeze the personal financial interests of the American president as a way to get what you want from the American government?”

She continued:

“I mean, the Trump family and the president-elect themselves, they stand to make millions of dollars from their relationship with the Doğan group in Turkey. That will stop if they get locked up. So they started locking them up. Nice leverage, right? it would be one thing if it was business leverage — but it’s leverage against all of us as Americans.”

Eichenwald says that the Turkish government has threatened Donald Trump’s lucrative real estate deals there in order to get whatever they want from our money-hungry president-elect. Maddow says that:

“The day after our presidential election in this country, one of the world leaders who called up Trump tower and spoke with the president-elect was the president of Turkey, And one of the perk up your ears strange things reported about that call is that while Donald Trump was on the phone taking that congratulatory phone call from the president of Turkey, in that same call, Mr. Trump brought up to the president of Turkey by name that executive from the Doğan company, the guy who was the key guy on Trump’s big twin towers in Istanbul.”

Maddow continued:

“Now Newsweek reports that Turkey has figured out how to turn that to their advantage and how to put the president of the United States over a barrel in the process. On December 1st, the top representative of the Doğan company, in Turkey’s capital city, got arrested by the Turkish police. Again, Trump as president-elect had taken an official call from the Turkish president and used that occasion to tell the Turkish president how much this one particular company meant to him, going so far as to name specific executives.”

Video courtesy of MSNBC: