BREAKING: Rick Perry Cabinet Announcement Made, Prepare To Vomit (DETAILS)


Trump’s cabinet is shaping up to be a group of people with radical views of the departments they’ll be heading. The new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, doesn’t believe in climate change.  The new Secretary of Labor, Andy Pudzer, is the CEO of Carl Jr.’s who doesn’t support a minimum wage. His choice for Energy Secretary, however, is even more alarming in his views and in his conflicts of interest.

During a televised primary debate, former Texas Governor Rick Perry famously forgot one of the three departments he wanted to dismantle as president during his attempted run for the presidency in 2011. While he could remember that he wanted to do away with the Department of Commerce and the Department of Education, he couldn’t remember the third department he found useless. That department would have been the Department of Energy.

Although Perry no longer serves as governor, he does still sit on the corporate board of Energy Transfer Partners, a company that is currently developing the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Perry was not a supporter of Donald Trump during the presidential campaigns. In fact, Perry referred to Trump as a “barking carnival act” and a “cancer on conservativism.” Once it became clear that Trump would be the GOP nominee and might be able to appoint cabinet positions, Perry changed his tune and offered “be open to any way I can help.”

Perry, like the rest of Trump’s cabinet, also brings zero experience or knowledge regarding the job or the department. As The New York Times noted up on the announcement:

‘While Texas is rich in energy resources and Mr. Perry is an enthusiastic advocate of extracting them, it is not clear how that experience would translate into leading what is also a major national security agency. Despite its name, the Department of Energy plays the leading role in designing nuclear weapons and in ensuring the safety and reliability of the nation’s aging nuclear arsenal through a constellation of scientific laboratories.’

Inexperience seems to be the hallmark of a Trump cabinet selection, so Rick Perry should fit right in with the rest of the new Trump circus.

To see Rick Perry try to say that the department he’s now been chosen to lead shouldn’t even exist, see video below.

Featured image via Getty/Drew Angerer