BREAKING: Secretary Of State Announces FULL ELECTION AUDIT After ‘Voting Irregularities’ Found


Voting irregularities in 392 precincts in Detroit, a city where GOP nominee and now President-elect Donald Trump broke records by polling at zero percent, have prompted the secretary of state to announce a state audit in Michigan. Of Detroit’s 662 precincts, nearly 60 percent of them were unable to be recounted due to discrepancies between the number of ballots reported and the numbers actually counted inside their ballot boxes.

‘Donald Trump won Michigan’s 16 electoral college votes by a margin of only 10,704 voters. It is a monumental problem during a recount when the margin is that small to throw out 847 votes in one precinct with another 610 precincts possibly facing the same fate.’

The irregularities began to appear during the recount, called for by the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein, and somehow seemed concentrated in Michigan’s one area with a disproportionate number of voters of color. For instance, in Detroit’s Wayne County alone, President Obama won the county with 73.1 percent of the vote in 2012. Nearly half of Wayne County’s voting population is non-white at 42 percent, while Michigan’s total population is less than 20 percent non-white.

When ballot boxes were opened during the recount, many in Detroit had more votes reported than the number of ballots counted. In Michigan, even a discrepancy of one ballot means that the entire precinct’s ballots could not be included in the recount. In some precincts, however, much more than one ballot was missing.

‘Republican state senators last week called for an investigation in Wayne County, including one precinct where a Detroit ballot box contained only 50 of the 306 ballots listed in a poll book, according to an observer for Trump.

‘City officials have told state officials that ballots in that precinct were never taken out of a locked bin below the voting machine tabulator on Election Day, said Secretary of State spokesman Fred Woodhams.’

While the audit is not yet being referred to as an “investigation,” Woodhams stated that “based on what we find, it could lead to more.” 256 missing ballots in one precinct should absolutely lead to more, especially when those ballots, as well as the ballots missing in the rest of the county, could have changed the outcome of an entire state’s electoral college vote.

For more on how this story began, see video below.

Featured image via Getty/Jeff Kowalsky