Keith Olbermann LOSES IT – Says A Trump America Has Fallen To Russia (VIDEO)


Keith Olbermann sounded off on the threat of Russia and President-elect Donald Trump’s fascination and veiled love for Putin on his show, The Resistance. In a passionate proclamation, he charged that the United States had basically fallen to Russia in a battleless fight.

‘We are at war with Russia. Or perhaps more correctly, we have lost a war with Russia without a battle. We are no longer a sovereign nation, we are no longer a democracy, we are no longer a free people – we are the victims of a bloodless coup, So far, a bloodless coup engineered by Russia with, at best, the traitorous indifference of the Republican party and Donald John Trump…’

He also called out Democrats and even the media for turning mostly a blind eye to the connection between President-elect Trump and Russia, which is becoming ever more apparent.

‘The vast majority of Republicans have said nothing, and the vast majority of Democrats have said nothing. The vast majority of the media have said nothing of substance, and the president has said nothing close to enough. The CIA and FBI and Homeland Security – the institutions whose interest in freedom we on the left most frequently distrust – they have said something.’

He did, however, acknowledge the fact that the CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security have recognized the threat that Russia is posing to the American people.

‘CIA officials said something as the members of the Electoral College prepare to gather next week to finalize this coup, some perhaps unaware that almost half the states they represent permit them by law to vote for someone other than the candidate to whom they are pledged, and that only 38 of them need to do so to prevent this coup.’

He also went so far as to call on President Barack Obama and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to release all classified evidence and to investigate whether Trump had knowledge about Russia’s tampering in the U.S. 2016 election. He even called Trump scum (which is pretty tame in all reality).

‘There is no time for a full review or a measured analysis or recommendations to prevent interference in our future elections. Because permitting Donald Trump to assume the office of president reduces the chance that we will have any future elections. The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread, and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum who are beholden to scum – Russian scum.’

He gave his bleak outlook for America emphatically, ending his segment calling for resistance.

‘It will not be a peaceful change of power – it will be a usurpation. And the usurper has no validity, no credibility and no authority under the Constitution. This is a reality, and this will be the only reality until this country rids itself of Donald John Trump. He is not a president – he is a puppet put in power by Vladimir Putin. And those who ignore these elemental, existential facts, Democrats or Republicans, are traitors to this country and will immediately and forever after be held accountable. Resist! Peace.’

You can watch his rant below.

Featured image via Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown