Republicans FREAKING Out After Realizing They Voted Away Their Own Health Insurance


Republicans are slowly but surely flipping out as they realize that by supporting Donald Trump they just voted themselves into misery for at least the next 4 years.

After all, it is a fact, demonstrable by evidence, such as Trump’s ill-fated deal to keep around 800 jobs at an Indiana steel plant, that the president-elect prioritizes concerns of economy over the concerns of the workers in that economy.

Take health insurance, for instance. Millions of low income Americans all of a sudden had health insurance opportunities open up for them after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, no matter how many Republican leaders would have you believe that the ACA, also known as Obamacare, is effectively a reincarnated Communist Manifesto.

One of those so benefited by the ACA is 47-year-old Ramiro Salazar, who lives with his wife and two children on a $733 monthly income and spoke to NPR.

Salazar however, quite simply, won’t be able to afford health insurance should Trump, alongside state level Republican leaders, have their way with it.

There are others, too — millions of others.

Lisa Botner, a 36-year-old community college student from Kentucky spoke to the Lexington Herald Leader about her need for healthcare, saying:

‘If anything changed with our insurance to make it more expensive for us, that would be a big problem. Just with… blood tests, you’re talking maybe $1,000 a year without insurance.’

So, since the Republicans want to butcher state health care systems for the sake of cutting costs, did Botner, say, support the Democrats?

Nope. As she put it, “I’m just a die-hard Republican.”

Trump’s plans for the nation’s health care system revolve around butchering the Affordable Care Act, even if not fully repealing the health care act. Thus butchering includes the slashing of state Medicaid programs, in line with the agendas put forward by Republican governors throughout the years since the ACA’s passing.

It’s not just health insurance, either.

Who exactly do the millions of white, working class people who voted for Donald Trump think are going to fight any wars that Trump manages to spark?

Sure, Trump setting off wars is an extreme possibility, but it remains, nonetheless, a distinct possibility. After all, he insists on sticking to his addiction to Twitter rants as a way of responding to those who criticize him.

What is the going to do after assuming the presidency once he officially faces opposition from a hostile foreign interest with firepower that it’s antsy to put to good use? What is he going to do when he is forced to pick his nose up from his phone and respond to such a criticism in some way other than Twitter rants?

The core of any fighting force for Trump’s wars remains the millions of working-class voters who supported Trump — and thus condemned themselves to their misery.

Obama’s approval rating has spiked to 55 percent as he prepares to leave office, the highest numbers since his first year of office.

However, such is way too little, way too late. If the nation’s majority was that concerned with sticking to Obama’s way of doing things then they should have voted Hillary Clinton into office, since Obama and Trump could literally not be more different.

Featured Image via Mark Makela/ Getty Images