BREAKING: Ivanka Trump Given DISTURBING White House Role, Prepare Yourself (DETAILS)


How much would you pay for a coffee date with Ivanka Trump? The latest bid for a St Jude Children’s Hospital fundraiser through her brother Eric’s foundation came it at $62,888 (at the time of this writing). But her going rate may skyrocket now that she’ll soon occupy the office that is normally reserved for the First Lady in the White House.

That’s right. CNN’s Lisa Mirando just tweeted this not-so-surprising bit of news from her colleague Sara Murray:

Ivanka Trump’s formal title still has not been announced. Still, having her play the role of First Lady would makes sense. Melania Trump recently announced that she and first son Barron Trump plan to stay in New York so he can stay at his current school. And then there’s this: Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he’ll be handing over his businesses to his sons…With Ivanka Trump’s name conspicuously absent.

Mein Trumpf’s announcements sound an awful lot like when George H.W. Bush promised, “read my lips, there will be no taxes” in 1988…And no one noticed he has no lips until he raised taxes.

The New York Daily News reports:

‘Ivanka Trump will reportedly inherit an office in the same White House space typically used by the First Lady — the latest evidence that the President-elect’s eldest daughter is preparing to take on a substantial White House role in her father’s administration.’

And, while The Donald furiously installs poison pills in his cabinet who loathe the very agencies they’re tasked with running, The Huffington Post reports Ivanka Trump “is reportedly planning to make climate change one of her signature issues.” With Exxon Mobil Corp CEO Rex Tillerson running the U.S. State Department and Oklahoma’s anti-environment Attorney General Scott Pruitt heading the Environmental Protection Agency, our First Daughter will have her work cut out for her.

WATCH: Will Ivanka Trump serve as our new First Lady?

Here’s the video with CNN’s Sarah Murray reporting on Donald Trump’s sons taking over his businesses while Ivanka may play the role of First Lady. As Murray points out, there’s still no clear evidence that Donald Trump will address his many conflicts of interest by fully divesting from his companies. The report begins at the 11 minutes and 17 seconds mark.

Featured image: Andrew H. Walker via Getty Images.