‘Morning Joe’ Host FORCED To Cut Mic Of Pro Trump Congressman After INSANE Rant (VIDEO)


During a heated, Tuesday morning MSNBC interview with pro-Russia GOP congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Morning Joe hosts had the congressman’s mic turned off.

The current Russian hacking scandal that reportedly was done purposely to sway the election became a topic of discussion on Tuesday’s MSNBC Morning Joe interview with California congressman, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.

Chaos erupted when Rep. Rohrabacher started in on a pro-Russia rant that resulted in the shows hosts, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, to cut off Rohrabacher’s microphone feed. Rohrabacher has previously been dubbed “Putin’s favorite congressman” for his well-known pro-Russia opinions.

The moment that the conversation turned was when host Joe Scarborough asked Rep.┬áRohrabacher why the United States wasn’t doing anything about Russia and Syria attacking Syrian people. The response given by the congressman was dismissive:

‘Well, that’s a question that’s based on false premises.’

The host rebutted immediately, cutting off Rohrabacher, and things quickly turned into a shouting match between them. Rohrabacher freaked out, threatening to walk and yelled:

‘Are you going to let me answer goodbye! Goodbye, if you’re not going to let me say anything, it’s goodbye!’

Host Mika Brzezinski told Rohrabacher, “OK, you got 10 seconds. Go.”

That opened the opportunity for Rohrabacher to launch into a rant in which he tries to present pros to America and Russia becoming allies in order to defeat “radical Islam”:

‘We allied with Stalin in order to defeat Hitler. Stalin was a horrible man, he murdered millions of people. But we knew Hitler was the bigger threat.’

Host Joe Scarborough was visibly disgusted and responded “You’re comparing Putin to Stalin. I think that’s an apt comparison.”

Two more guests then joined the program after which Rohrabacher’s downward spiral began. One of the guests, former Department of Defense Russia expert, Evelyn Farkas, spoke of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, and was cut off by Rohrabacher who said:

‘Assad is not our enemy, neither is Russia our enemy. The radical Islamists who have been murdering Americans by the thousands since 9/11 are the enemy.’

His statement leaves no questions as to just how pro-Russia congressman Rohrabacher’s opinions really are. His microphone was cut off shortly thereafter.

You can watch a clip from the show in the video below:


Featured Image via screen capture