West Coast City Starts ‘Neighborhood Action Coalition’ To Fight Donald Trump (DETAILS)


The people of Seattle just kicked off a stunning effort to resist President-elect Donald Trump’s wildly dangerous agenda, forming “Neighborhood Action Councils,” also known as NACs, across the city, alongside an umbrella organization called the “Neighborhood Action Coalition” for any similar groups across the United States.

These councils will be “hyperlocal” hubs for concrete action against some of the most potently dangerous parts of Trump’s agenda, including mass deportations of undocumented immigrants, a policy proposal that the president-elect has still not backed down from.

The millions of undocumented immigrants that Trump has targeted with his rhetoric include millions of people who have absolutely nothing against them besides their lack of papers. Trump, however, plans to show no regard to respecting the lives these people have built, instead opting to threaten them with deportation.

Seattle has already made plans to become a “sanctuary city” for such undocumented immigrants, with Trump responding by announcing plans to cut one hundred percent of the city’s federal funding.

Humanitarian concerns over Trump’s draconian plans for the nation’s immigration policy aren’t the only target of the Seattle activists behind the “Neighborhood Action Coalition.”

Rather, the activists are doing their best to address every similar concern that could be raised about any point of Trump’s policy, such as his plans to create a Muslim registry and his plans to effectively squelch the nation’s efforts to combat climate change.

Seattle-based activist Kaya Axelsson helped launch the efforts, with a “Neighborhood Action Coalition” kickoff event in Seattle on Dec. 4, after holding what amounted to a strategy meeting with local activist leaders after Trump’s shock election to the presidency just over one month ago.

“Neighborhood Action Councils” were apparently an idea tossed around by Axelsson and her inner circle for some time; only with the election of Donald Trump, however, were the activists able to put their ideas to good use.

Efforts on the group’s agenda include — but of course are not limited to:

  • Anti-racist education, particularly with regards to Muslim and immigrant communities
  • “Phone trees” for locals to use for mobilization efforts when needed
  • “Hate-free zones” shielding vulnerable communities from harassment
  • For activists to be ready, in the event of an Immigration & Customs Enforcement raid, to dispatch large groups of people to the scene in order to “confuse an ICE officer.”

The Seattle Weekly writes of the efforts’ organization:

‘There are now NACs for every Seattle City Council district, and Facebook groups for each, which will soon be posted on the Coalition’s website and Facebook page. Those interested in getting involved… could connect to either the main group or their neighborhood’s group. The Coalition has a listserv and an email address ([email protected]) that people who aren’t on Facebook can contact, too.’

Other shows of opposition to the president-elect include a near steady stream of protests against him ever since his surprising election to the presidency on Nov. 8, protests that reach into the future at least to his inauguration date, with some groups announcing plans for protests to disrupt the orderly function of Washington, D.C., on Jan. 20, 2017.

Featured Image via Andrew Lichtenstein/ Corbis via Getty Images.