Author Stephen King Enters Twitter War With Trump & The GOP, It Is AWESOME (DETAILS)


An odd thing has happened over the past few months. Likely thanks in part to Donald Trump, Republicans have decided that Russian President Vladimir Putin is our friend. Pollster Will Jordan recently tweeted a graph that highlights the sudden divergence in opinion among Democrats and Republicans. In July of this year, both parties held similar views about Putin, but Trump’s support of the authoritarian leader has led Republicans to embrace the man John McCain recently called a “thug” and “butcher.”

We still don’t the full details of Russia’s involvement, but it’s clear that Russia acted to the benefit of Trump. A few years ago the GOP would have been the first to call for retaliation against Russia, but now they’re oddly quiet. Many people are likely confused about this, but none expressed it quite as well as Stephen King. The master of horror took to Twitter to mock the GOP’s sudden friendship with Russia.

‘Once upon a time, children, the Republicans didn’t like the Russians. Then a good elf named Putin came along, and all that changed.’

This is far from the first time King has attacked Trump and the Republican Party. In fact, his twitter feed is full of gems where he gleefully mocks Trump.

‘Trump’s crew of plunder-monkeys has begun to look like the Polituro West.’

‘Trump’s proposed cabinet is the worst in American history: a motley crew of plunder-monkeys.’

‘Trump’s mental condition is open to debate, I suppose; that he’s an incompetent asshat seems undeniable.’

‘Trump’s tweets display hysteria, aggression, paranoia, insecurity. Politics aside, his mental state bears close watching.’


‘Anybody remember THE CAINE MUTINY? It seems that Americans may have elected Captain Queeg president.’

‘The President-elect prepares his Christmas cards to foreign leaders.’

We have to be honest here. That last tweet was scarier than most of King’s books. Throughout his campaign, Trump has displayed a disturbing willingness to use nuclear weapons. He has also encouraged other nations to develop nuclear weapons.

On the day after the election, King also tweeted a warning that was seemingly aimed at the President-Elect.

‘One more thing before I drift away for awhile: A common sign in antiques stores reading IF YOU BREAK IT, YOU OWN IT.’


Featured image via Getty Images.