‘ICE T’ Is Currently Trolling Donald Trump On Twitter & It’s Going MASSIVELY Viral (TWEETS)


Ice T, the coolest of cool, is obviously NOT a fan of our new President-elect Donald Trump. The SVU veteran took to Twitter to troll Trump by tweeting:

‘I just got call to perform at the Inauguration…. I didn’t pick up and Blocked the number.’

Furthermore, he tweeted:

‘Just call Ted Nugent and call it a day…’

However, he was completely trolling Trump and his fans. He confirmed this tweeting:

‘Truthfully.. Anyone that thinks those MFs would call me?! ME of all people?? Has gotta be a DumbFuck.’

Problem is, a lot of people, Ice T fans and Trump supporters alike, didn’t quite understand if it was a joke or not. Their responses, however, did not fail to deliver a great amount of hilarity.

Several Twitter users went so far as to question whether it was even possible for Ice T to know the Trump team’s number. One user tweeted:

‘@FINALLEVEL How does he know it was a call to perform at the inauguration if he didn’t pick up?’

When someone suggested voicemail, the same user overthought it and wrote:

‘@jeepgirl77 @FINALLEVEL Who still has voicemail that you can hear as the caller leaves it? Story sounds fishy to me.’

Astute observation. Extremely astute.

Another user tweeted:

‘@FINALLEVEL Thank you, great news that you won’t be there. We don’t like you.’

However, the user tried to assure other Twitter users they were not a Trump supporter and called the Liberal base, who refuses to accept Trump as their president, “sore losers.”

One Trump supporter tweeted:

‘@FINALLEVEL @benshapiro yeah I’m calling BULLSHIT.’

Other users, whether they believed him or not, gave Ice T some hilarious suggestions for what he could perform, who else should perform, hilarious comments about Trump supporters, etc.

‘@FINALLEVEL You should have accepted and performed “Cop Killer”‘

To which one user responded with a suggestion a change to the lyrics.

‘@Harvey_S @FINALLEVEL Replacing ‘cop’ with Trump’

This tweet absolutely won the Internet for today.

‘@finallevel @bakkooonn But Ice, we need and the rest of the SVU team there. Trump is an actual predator.’

‘@FINALLEVEL @charles_gaba Meanwhile… Scott Baio: *jumping up & down, waving arms* ‘But I really can play the banjo! Pick me Pick me!”‘

‘@goBEYgo @FINALLEVEL @60th_Street I honestly have no idea how some of these people replying put on pants’

One user referenced Ice T’s recent GEICO commercial:

‘@FINALLEVEL @onlxn You should have answered and when they said “Ice T?” You could have just said “lemonade” and hung up…hahaha’

‘@FINALLEVEL I dunno, I’d have enjoyed hearing “There Goes the Neighborhood” while people tried to crowd surf Trump into the Reflecting Pool.’

‘@FINALLEVEL I’m thinking Milli Vanilli might be appropriate. Girl – you know it’s true.’

‘@FINALLEVEL @VileEpiphany The Russian Glee Club is available I hear..’

Featured image via Getty Images / Gustavo Caballero.