JUST IN: Donald Trump Comes UNHINGED During 3am Online Freak Out (TWEETS)


With no introduction, no explanation leading in, and no further explanation after the tweet, President-elect Donald Trump threw out this gem on Twitter on Friday morning.

This is Trump’s response to calls for a full investigation of whether or not the Russian government interfered in the United States presidential election? His entire response to the uproar over this on his beloved Twitter account is to mention once again that his political rival, Hillary Clinton, received a couple of debate questions early, which by the way is not at all “illegal,” just somewhat unethical on the part of the DNC? Nowhere does Trump mention that he is accused of doing the exact same thing, either.

Trump still does not seem to understand exactly why American voters are upset by the idea that the Russian government hacked into U.S. government emails. He doesn’t seem to understand, despite his endless attacks on Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign about her use of a private email server, what the dangers of Russia accessing classified information about our government could mean or why it is unacceptable to think that a foreign country could influence our democratic process.

To Donald Trump, who is about to become the leader of the free world, it’s still about “crooked Hillary.” It’s still a competition in which Trump just needs to troll Clinton on Twitter and tell his supporters to look at how bad she is in order to win this fight.

In order to help Trump understand the actual issue, let’s explain: this is an issue of national security, just like you and your cronies said it was when you wanted people to think Clinton was unfit for using a private email server that, by the way, was never hacked. This is an issue of a foreign government compromising our democratic elections by feeding the public false information about one of its presidential candidates in order to install a clown in the White House because he’s friendly to that foreign country.

Could someone please explain to this Trump and, while you’re at it, for God’s sake, take his Twitter away?

Featured image via Getty/Mark Wilson