WATCH: Check Out These Clips Of Donald Trump Parodies From Around The Globe (VIDEOS)


We are the butt of the world’s joke now that president-elect Donald Trump is about to take office. Admittedly our international cousins are very, very funny. The planet’s best comedians are laughing at The Donald from Pakistan to Taiwan, from Uruguay to South Africa, from Turkey to China, and it will never stop – at least for the next four years. Take a look.

In a spot-on voice imitation, a South African comedian tells us how Trump feels about women. He says:

‘I love women. They’re really, really great. They’re without a doubt, the second greatest gender in the planet.’

Then ever the salesman, this Trump goes on to tell us how he is launching Trump Finger Tampons:

‘See that? They are shaped like my finger, because my fingers are the greatest. People tell me all the time.’

Uruguay has done a whole short video with a huge Donald Trump immigrant-killing robot firing missiles and blasting immigrants to pieces as he shouts “beautiful!”

China may be stealing our underwater drones, but they haven’t lost their sense of humor. This photo shows a golden pheasant with hair similarly coiffed as the almost-president, and it immediately went viral!

Canada is laughing at us, too. Their comedian have a geographically challenged Trump commenting on their president:

‘Justin T*rdface. He’s a nice guy. He’s a lightweight, isn’t he ladies and gentlemen?’

Taiwan’s fine comedian tells us:

‘Many foreigners bring their pregnant relatives to California to give birth. That p*sses me off. So I have the custom’s officials quietly ask every visitor “Have you had sex lately?” If yes, I’m so sorry. Get out of here!”

Even New Zealand’s tiny tots are doing Trump imitations:

‘My hair is not a rug. It’s 100 percent mine.’

‘When Mexico sends people, they’re not sending their best.’

‘I’ll build a great, great wall. I’ll make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.’

Trump has even made it to the advertising world.  Australia uses the new president-elect to sell a 360 degree video camera. The ad shows stereotypical Latinos climbing up a ladder in a state-side hole in the ground.

‘It’s absolutely impenetrable. It’s huge, just like me.’

Now the question is, can the orange man take a joke?

Check out the world laughing at Trump in this video. Then go below to the second video, showing how well we laugh at our own leader.

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H/T: QZ.